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Keywords: PATIENT HANDLING CATALOG Minimize nurse back injuries and patient falls with our Safe-‘n-Easy Lifting Program and comprehensive line of patient handling products. NOT JUST PATIENT CARE, CAREGIVER CARE Not just Patient Care, Medline helps to facilitate the creation and maintenance of a safe environment in the health care settings. Patient Handling Facts: High Potential For Injuries Nursing personnel are consistently listed as one of the top ten occupations for work-related musculoskeletal disorders, with incidence rates of 8.8 per 100 in hospital settings and 13.5 per 100 in nursing home settings.1 Underreporting Underreporting of injuries in nursing is common.2 High Attrition Rate Recruitment and retention of nurses is a serious problem, and the nursing problem has been exacerbated by occupational injuries and related disabilities. It is estimated that each year 12% of nursing personnel will consider a job transfer and another 12-18% will actually leave the nursing profession due to chronic back pain.3 Financial Impact A single back injury can cost an institution $50,000 or more in related costs4, and these costs continue to climb as the average age of nurses and patient weights continue to increase. Growing Legislations The government is already taking action. So far, 15 states have passed patient lifting legislation or are reviewing legislation5. A federal bill is currently under review in Washington D.C.6 Insufficient Equipment As a general rule, one elevating floor lift should be provided for every eight non-weight bearing patients and one stand assist lift should be provided for every eight partially weight bearing patients.7 1-800-MEDLINE 1 Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2002, December 19). Survey of occupational injuries and illness, 2001. U.S. Department of Labor. 2 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (1993, 23 November). Federal Register, Part I, Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 29 CFR Part 1910; Ergonomics Program: Proposal Rule. 3 Moses, E. B. (1992). The registered nurse population: Findings from the national sample survey of registered nurses. Washington DC: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Public Health Service, Division of Nursing. 4 Collins, M. (1990). Occupational back pain in nursing: Development, implementation, and evaluation of a comprehensive prevention program in nursing homes 5 Anderson, Jennifer (Oct 9, 2007). "Safe Patient Lifting Legislation Makes Progress." Ergonomics Today, p 10-11 6 Collins, J.W.,Wolf, L., Bell, J., & Evanoff, B. (2004). An Evaluation of "Best Practices" musculoskeletal injury prevention in nursing homes. Injury Prevention, 10, 206-211 7 Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2006-117 Caregiver Care. Turn the page to see how Medline products can be used in your facility. Bariatric Room and Bathroom  Bariatric Sling  Bariatric Bed  Bariatric Commode  Bariatric Elevating Floorlift  Wheelchair  Bariatric Transfer Bench  Bathtub Lift  PVC Shower Bench  Walker  Transfer Sheet  Commode  Bed  Trapeze  Transfer Bench  Grab Bars  Grab Bars  Powered Stand Assist Patient Room and Bathroom PATIENT HANDLING EQUIPMENT IN ACTION Bathing Room In every healthcare facility, Medline is your Rehabilitation Room  Handling Belt  Mobile Scale  Manual Stand Assist  Transfer Board Exam Room Charging Station Operating Room source for safe patient handling products.  Ceiling Patient Lift  Transfer Sheets  Air Assist Transfer Mat Intensive Care Room  Stretcher Why Invest in Caregiver Care? “Cost-benefit analyses demonstrate that the initial investment in lifting equipment and employee training can be recovered in two to three years through reductions in workers’ compensation expenses.” “Research has shown that safe resident lifting programs reduce resident-handling workers’ compensation injury rates by 61%, lost workday injury rates by 66%, restricted workdays by 38%, and the number of workers suffering from repeat injuries” Collins JW, Wolf L, Bell J, Evanoff B [2004]. An Evaluation of a “Best Practices” Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program in Nursing Homes. Injury Prevention 10:206-211. Patient Care Stand Assists (Powered and Manual) Elevating Floor Lifts Bathing Lifts Sliding Transfer Sheets Wheelchairs Furniture and Equipment for Bariatric Patients Air-Assisted Transfer Devices Caregiver Care Proper Assessments Zero Lift Policy Proper Training Tracking and Reporting Implementation Roadmaps Resource Guides Financial Analysis Tools Handling the Resident Safely Your Equipment and Program Resource Center Standing • Powered stand-assist • Manual stand-assist • Handling Belt Lifting • Floor lifts • Ceiling lifts • Slings • Bathing lift Weighing • Mobile lift scale Transporting • Wheelchairs • Stretchers Repositioning • Transfer sheets • Hi-low beds • Air-assisted products • Transfer boards • Trapeze • Multi-positional chair Table of Contents Lifting Program . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Lifts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-12 Slings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-16 Transfer Devices . . . . . . 17-20 Stretchers . . . . . . . . . . . 21-22 Mobile In-Bed Scale . . . . . . . 22 Chairs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Beds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24-25 (Note) All Metric measurements in this catalog are rounded to the nearest whole number. 8 Safe'nEasyAssessmentToolandCarePlan GeneralInformation PatientsName AssessmentDate YourName YourSignature(signafterprinting) IPatientsLevelofAssistance(checkone) Independent-Patientperformstasksafelywithorwithoutstaffassistancewithorwithoutassistivedevices PartialAssist-Patientrequiresnomorehelpthanstand-bycueingorcoaxing orcaregiverisrequiredtoliftnomorethan35lbsofapatientsweight Dependent-Patientrequiresnursetoliftmorethan35lbsofthepatientsweightorisunpredictablein theamountofassistanceofferedInthiscaseassistivedevicesshouldbeused IIWeightBearingCapability(checkone) IIIBi-LateralUpperExtremityStrength(checkone) Full Yes Partial No None IVPatientsLevelofCooperationandComprehension(checkone) Cooperative-mayneedpromptingabletofollowsimplycommands Unpredictableorvaries(patientwhosebehaviorchangesfrequentlyshouldbeconsideredasunpredictable)notcooperativeorunabletofollowsimplecommands VWeightHeightBMI Weight(lbs) Height(inches) CalculatedBodyMassIndex(BMI) VIApplicableconditionslikelytoaffectthetransfer/repositioningtechniques(checkallthatapply) Hip/Knee/ShoulderReplacements Respiratory/CardiacCompromise Fractures HistoryofFalls WoundsAffectingTransfer/Positioning Splints/Traction Paralysis/Paresis Amputation SevereOsteoporosis UnstableSpine Urinary/FecalStoma SeverePain/Discomfort SevereEdema Contractures/Spasms PosturalHypotension VeryFragileSkin Tubes(IV Chestetc) OtherComments VIICarePlan 1TransferToandFromBedtoChairChairtoToiletChairtoChairorCartoChair 2LateralTransfertoandFromBedtoStretcherTrolley 3TransferToandFromChairtoStretcherorChairtoExamTable 4RepositioninBedSide-to-SideUpinBed 5RepositioninChairWheelchairandDependencyChair 6TransferPatientUpfromtheFloor Bariatric1BariatricTransferToandFromBedtoChairChairtoToiletorChairtoChair Bariatric2 BariatricLateralTransferToandFromBedtoStretcherorTrolley Bariatric3BariatricRepositioninBedSidetoSideUpinBed Bariatric4 BariatricRepositioninChairWheelchairChairorDependencyChair Bariatric5PatientHandlingTasksRequiringAccesstoBodyParts(egLimbAbdominalMassGlutealArea) Bariatric6BariatricTransporting(Stretcher) Bariatric7BariatricToiletingTasks SlingType Seated Seated (amputation) Standing Supine Ambulation LimbSupport SlingSize(XSSMLXL) Additionaldataneeded fordeterminingslings CircumferenceAroundHips DistancefromTopofHeadtoJustAboveKneecap DistancefromShoulderBladetoJustAboveKneecap NoteAnassessmentshouldbemadepriortoeachtaskifthepatienthasvaryinglevelofabilitytoassistduetomedicalreasonsfatiguemedicationsetchenindoubtassumethepatientcannotassistwiththetransfer/repositioning NoteifpatienthasaBMIof50ormoretransfercareplanwillbebasedonbariatricalgorithms NoteThepresenceofthefollowingconditions arelikelytoaffectthetransfer/repositioning processandshouldbeconsideredwhenidentifyingequipmentandtechniquesneededtomovethepatient Algorithm #Staff Equipment/ AssistiveDevice Task Our program is evidence-based, reflecting the best thinking and practices in patient lifting. This includes, for example, work accomplished by the 2001 Technical Advisory Group (a collaboration of the VHA Public Health and Environmental Hazards, the Patient Safety Center Inquiry, and the Healthcare Analysis and Information Group, as well as the 2005 National Task Force (representatives from the American Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, the American Physical Therapy Association, and the Veterans Administration). Expert Phone Support Our lifting specialists can help you with your questions and guide you step-by-step in implementing a complete patient lifting program. SAFE ‘N EASY LIFTING PROGRAM PATIENT LIFTING EDUCATION AND TRAINING © 2007 Medline Industries, Inc 1-800-MEDLINE | www.medline.com Inservicing Video Train your employees in the proper operation and maintenance of patient lifting equipment. This short DVD reviews all the basic moves to ensure your employees are competent in moving and repositioning patients. Assessment Tools Assess your incoming patients to ensure you have the proper lifting protocols in place. Consider all physical and cognitive factors to ensure you make the right decision – maximizing patient care and employee safety. Customizable Lift Policy Ensure you have a thorough policy on record, covering all aspects of your lift program. Responsibilities, equipment requirements, and maintenance procedures are all covered in this customizable policy. Implementation Plan Manage implementation of your formal lifting program through an easy-to-use checklist. You can designate who is responsible and stay on track. FREE Safe 'n Easy Lifting Program with purchase of any lift! Offering your staff: Expert Phone Support, Inservicing Video, Customizable Lift Policy, Implementation Plan and Assessment Tools. Guarantee—We guarantee everything we sell. Should you have an issue with a Medline product, please call us or speak to your Medline sales representative.We will take care of the problem immediately, either by promptly exchanging the product or crediting your account. We know cost is a consideration and that is why Medline offers a number of financing programs to help you purchase these products and keep your costs down. These range from lease programs to extended payment plans; ask your Medline sales representative to outline your options and the best program for your facility. If you have any questions about our products, call us at 1-800-MEDLINE or speak with your Medline sales representative. L I F T ING PROGRAM To order, call 1-800-MEDLINE (1-800-633-5463) or visit us online at www.medline.com 9 What’s so good about our Lifts? Everything. Strong, reliable, easy to operate and backed by a 3-year warranty. Medline offers a comprehensive line of patient lifting equipment, including stand assists, elevating lifts, and comfortable patient slings.We know how important it is for you to keep your employees safe, and at the same time provide safe patient care. Medline has the lifting products and our Safe ‘n Easy Patient Lifting Program to help you address these concerns. Quick Facts • Battery-powered stand assists available in 400 and 600 lb (181 and 272 kg) versions. • Elevating lifts available in both hydraulic and battery-powered versions–400 and 600 lb (181 and 272 kg). • Ceiling lifts up to 1,000 lbs (454 kgs) capacity. • Base legs on powered lifts spread with a reliable, easy-to-operate foot pedal. • Low-profile, 4.6" (117mm), base legs easily move under beds and other furniture. • Powerful 24V batteries provide 80-100 patient lifts on a single charge. • Controls are easy-to-operate, and common between lifts. • 6-point sling cradles provide flexibility for maximum comfort and safety. • Slings are made of soft, easy-to-clean, long-lasting polyester material. • 3-year warranty on all elevating and stand assist lifts. L I F TS Handling the Resident Safely 10 NOT JUST PATIENT CARE, CAREGIVER CARE L I F TS MDSELSCALE For use on any elevating floor lift (MDS88200D, MDS400EL, MDS600EL) Battery-Powered Elevating Floor Lift Attractive white finish, along with a 6 point cradle. ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MDS400EL 400 lb (181 kg) Elevating Floor Lift MDS600EL 600 lb (272 kg) Elevating Floor Lift Note: Most of our customers purchase the MDS600EL since it lifts 6" (152 mm) higher than the MDS400EL and has 10" (254 mm) more room between the patient and actuator.We recommend the MDS400EL only if you have very limited space in your facility. MDS600EL 400 Lb Stand 600 Lb Stand 400 Lb Hydraulic 400 Lb Electric 600 Lb Electric Assist Assist Elevating Lift Elevating Lift Elevating Lift MDS400SA MDS600SA MDS88200D MDS400EL MDS600EL Weight Capacity 400 lbs (181 kgs) 600 lbs (272 kgs) 400 lbs (181 kgs) 400 lbs (181 kgs) 600 lbs (272 kgs) Finish White Powder White Powder Gray White Powder White Powder Coat Paint Coat Paint Hammertone Paint Coat Paint Coat Paint Cradle Type 6 Point 6 Point 6 Point 6 Point 6 Point Battery Voltage 24V DC 24V DC N/A 24V DC 24V DC Average Lifts/Charge 80-100 80-100 N/A 80-100 80-100 Base Spreader Type Foot Pedal Foot Pedal Arm Lever Foot Pedal Foot Pedal Overall Ht. Of Base 4.6" (117mm) 4.6" (117mm) 5.5" (140mm) 4.6" (117mm) 6" (152mm)* Outside Width of Base 37"/26.5" 37"/26.5" 31.5"/26" 38"/26.5" 43"/26" (open/closed) 940 mm/673 mm 940 mm/673 mm 800 mm/660 mm 965 mm/673 mm 1,092 mm/660 mm Inside Width of Base 32.5"/22" 32.5"/22" 28.5"/23" 33.5"/22" 38"/21.5" (open/closed) 825.5 mm/559 mm 825.5 mm/559 mm 724 mm/584 mm 851 mm/559 mm 965 mm/546 mm Overall Length 40" (1,016 mm) 40" (1,016 mm) 42" (1,067 mm) 41" (1,041 mm) 50" (1,270 mm) Can Lift from Floor? N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes Overall Lift Height N/A N/A 73" 65" 71" Total Unit Weight 117 lbs (53 kgs) 122 lbs (55 kgs) 85 lbs (39 kgs) 115 lbs (52 kgs) 137 lbs (62 kgs) Includes Sling? No No Yes No No Includes Scale? N/A N/A No (optional) No (optional) No (optional) Includes Charger Bag? Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes * Can be converted to 4.6" (117 mm) with optional caster kit. Technical Specification Chart Use as a quick reference guide when ordering your patient lifts. For additional assistance, contact your Medline sales representative. Heading To order, call 1-800-MEDLINE (1-800-633-5463) or visit us online at www.medline.com 11 L I F TS Battery-Powered Stand Assist Attractive white finish with removable foot platform. Platform can be removed for standing and walking practice. ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MDS400SA 400 lb (181 kg) Stand Assist MDS600SA 600 lb (272 kg) Stand Assist MDS600SA Hydraulic 400 Lb Lift Hydraulic lift has a 6 point cradle for maximum safety. The base opens with an easy hand lever. Lift comes with a FREE full-body sling packaged inside box. ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MDS88200D 400 lb (181 kg) Hydraulic Lift MDS88200D Bathtub Lift Specialty lift designed to safely lift from wheelchair into bathtub and vice versa. Fits snugly against the side of the tub and is supported during pivot transfer with a secure brace over the edge of the tub. Assembles without tools and requires no drilling for anchors. ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION BTL330 Bathtub Lift BTL330 STA182 Manual Stand Assist More affordable alternative to battery-powered stand assists. Patient grasps an assist bar and pulls up using their own strength. Appropriate for partial weight-bearing patients with some upper body strength. ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION STA182 Manual Stand Assist 12 NOT JUST PATIENT CARE, CAREGIVER CARE L I F TS How to Determine Sling Size 1 Measure dimensions A and B (see chart) 2 Weigh patient 3 Review chart below for the appropriate sling size. SL INGS Ceiling Track Lifts ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION RTB20070* Portable Ceiling Lift 450 lb (204 kg) capacity. Operator traversed motor, welded 4 point cradle with cover, 4 button standard hand control. RTB60070* Permanent Ceiling Lift 700 lb (318kg) capacity - Operator traverse motor, welded 4 point cradle with cover and 4 button hand control. RTB61570* Permanent Ceiling Lift 700 lb (318kg) capacity - Powered Traversed motor, welded 4 point cradle with cover, move up and down on the 6 button hand control. RTB101570* Permanent Ceiling Lift 1,000 lb (454 kg) capacity - Powered Traversed motor, welded 4 point cradle with cover, move up and down on the 6 button hand control. * Track and installation cost extra. Operator Traversed: Ceiling lift slides along track manually. Powered Traversed: The movement of the ceiling lift along the track is controlled by the 6 button hand control. This unit charges when returned to “home” position. 4 Button Hand Control: Remote controls cradle movement up and down, on/off, and emergency stop. 6 Button Hand Control: Hand control operates cradle movement up and down, forward and back along track, on/off, and emergency stop. Sling Specifications Small Medium Large Bariatric A - Diameter in inches around the shoulders U-Shaped 28-45" 37-57" 47-67" 57-80" Universal Slings (711-1,143 mm) (940-1,448 mm) (1,194-1,702 mm) (1,448-2,032 mm) B - Diameter in inches around the chest Toileting Slings 26-42" 30-48" 38-60" 58-73" (660-1,067 mm) (762-1,219 mm) (965-1,524 mm) (1,473-1,854 mm) Stand Assist Slings 28-42" 30-48" 36-60" 50-79" (711-1,067 mm) (762-1,219 mm) (914-1,524 mm) (1,270-2,007 mm) Body Weight in pounds Full-Body Slings N/A 100-180 lbs. 160-280 lbs. 200-600 lbs. (45-82 kgs) (73-127 kgs) 91-272 kgs) Above dimensions are guidelines and may vary by user MDSDHS3 MDSD3 To order, call 1-800-MEDLINE (1-800-633-5463) or visit us online at www.medline.com 13 SL INGS Mesh Slings/No Head Support ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MDSM2 400 lb (181 kg) Medium MDSM3 400 lb (181 kg) Large Mesh Slings/With Head Supports ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MDSMHS1 400 lb (181 kg) Small MDSMHS2 400 lb (181 kg) Medium MDSMHS3 400 lb (181 kg) Large Padded Fabric Slings/No Head Support ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MDSP2 400 lb (181 kg) Medium MDSP3 400 lb (181 kg) Large MDSP4 600 lb (272 kg) Bariatric Padded Fabric Sling/With Head Support ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MDSPHS1 400 lb (181 kg) Small MDSPHS2 400 lb (181 kg) Medium MDSPHS3 400 lb (181 kg) Large MDSPHS4 600 lb (272 kg) Bariatric MDSPHS3 U-SHAPED SLINGS Designed for comfort and created to be easy to use, the u-shaped sling is a secure, easy-to-fit general purpose sling. U-shaped slings have the advantage of being easy to put under and remove from patients. WASHABLE For 6-Point Cradles Only U-Shaped Disposable Slings ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MDSD2 600 lb (272 kg) Medium, 10 per pkg MDSD3 600 lb (272 kg) Large, 10 per pkg U-Shaped Disposable Slings with Head Support ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MDSDHS1 600 lb (272 kg) Small, 10 per pkg MDSDHS2 600 lb (272 kg) Medium, 10 per pkg MDSDHS3 600 lb (272 kg) Large, 10 per pkg DISPOSABLE For 6-Point Cradles Only Disposable slings are great for infection control. They are intended for single patient use. Disposable slings are not to be laundered, they are to be disposed of before they begin to show signs of wear. 14 NOT JUST PATIENT CARE, CAREGIVER CARE MDSR113 MDSR115 Full Body Mesh Slings ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MDSR110 450 lb (204 kg) Medium MDSR111 450 lb (204 kg) Large MDSR140 600 lb (272 kg) XX-Large Full Body Mesh Slings with Commode Opening ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MDSR114 450 lb (204 kg) Medium MDSR115 450 lb (204 kg) Large MDSR116 450 lb (204 kg) X-Large MDSR141 600 lb (272 kg) XX-Large Full Body Solid Fabric Slings ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MDSR112 450 lb (204 kg) Medium MDSR113 450 lb (204 kg) Large MDSR117 450 lb (204 kg) X-Large Padded Toileting Slings ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MDSTO1 400 lb (181 kg) Small MDSTO2 400 lb (181 kg) Medium MDSTO3 400 lb (181 kg) Large MDSTO4 600 lb (272 kg) Bariatric MDST03 FULL BODY SLINGS Designed with comfort and safety in mind, these slings feature a unique, fully padded fabric that forms a soft yet supportive surface. The full-body slings have four point hookup. Full body slings have the primary advantage of fewer loops to connect to the cradle, as well as versatility to be used with either 4-point or 6-point lift cradles. WASHABLE For 4-Point or 6-Point Cradles PADDED TOILETING SLINGS Specifically designed for toileting and hygiene functions, the large opening around the seat of the sling facilitates dressing and undressing for toileting. These slings also feature a unique, fully padded fabric that forms a soft yet supportive surface. The stretch-resistant material means the slings will hold their shape, for extended support and easy positioning. Patient must have head and neck control to use this sling. This sling can be used with either Medline’s stand assist or elevating floor lift. SL INGS To order, call 1-800-MEDLINE (1-800-633-5463) or visit us online at www.medline.com 15 SL INGS Stand Assist Padded Slings ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MDSSA1 400 lb (181 kg) Small MDSSA2 400 lb (181 kg) Medium MDSSA3 400 lb (181 kg) Large MDSSA4 600 lb (272 kg) Bariatric Optional Accessory: Stand Assist Buttock Straps (Use with Stand Assist Padded Sling) ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MDSBSS 400 lb (181 kg) Standard MDSBSB 600 lb (272 kg) Bariatric MDSSA3 MDSBSB Single Patient Stand Assist Slings ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MDSDSA662 Medium, 400 lb (181 kg) Torso 29 - 48" (737-1,219 mm) MDSDSA663 Large, 400 lb (181 kg) Torso 36 - 60" (914 - 1,524 mm) MDSDSA664 Bariatric, 600 lb (272 kg) Torso 50-79" (1,270 - 2,007 mm) STAND ASSIST SLINGS For use with Medline’s stand assist lifts, these slings provide the extra support the patient needs to stand. The best feature of the Medline stand assist sling is the extra padding in the lumbar and under-arm areas for improved patient comfort. WASHABLE DISPOSABLE Disposable slings are great for infection control. They are intended for single patient use. Disposable slings are not to be laundered, they are to be disposed of before they begin to show signs of wear. 16 NOT JUST PATIENT CARE, CAREGIVER CARE All our 2-Point Slings are available in your choice of three 2-ply fabrics: 100% Cotton Water Repellent Urethane Coated White Nylon 100% Polyester White Mesh Green Canvas. 350 Lb.Wt. Cap. 350 Lb.Wt. Cap. 275 Lb.Wt. Cap. ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION Comfort Seat, Two Chains 35.5 x 40" (902 x 1,016 mm) MDS87810C Canvas, with chains MDS87810N Nylon, with chains MDS87810CLC Canvas, without chains MDS87810NLC Nylon, without chains MDS87810DLC Poly Mesh, without chains Comfort Commode Seat, Two Chains 35.5 x 40" (902 x 1,016 mm) MDS87815C Canvas, with chains MDS87815N Nylon with chains MDS87815CLC Canvas, without chains MDS87815NLC Nylon, without chains MDS87815DLC Poly Mesh, without chains Comfort Seat, Three Web Straps 35.5 x 40" (902 x 1,016 mm) MDS87820C Canvas, with straps MDS87820N Nylon, with straps MDS87820D Poly Mesh, with straps MDS87820CLS Canvas, without straps MDS87820NLS Nylon, without straps MDS87820DLS Poly Mesh, without straps Comfort Commode Seat, Three Web Straps 35.5 x 40" (902 x 1,016 mm) MDS87825C Canvas, with straps MDS87825N Nylon, with straps MDS87825CLS Canvas, without straps MDS87825NLS Nylon, without straps MDS87825DLS Poly Mesh, without straps MDS87810CLC MDS87815CLC MDS87820CLS MDS87825CLS Patient Slings without Head Support ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION Comfort Seat,Wire Head Support, Two Web Straps 33.5 x 41" (851 x 1,041 mm) MDS87800C Canvas, with straps MDS87800N Nylon, with straps MDS87800D Poly Mesh, with straps Comfort Commode Seat,Wire Head Support Two Web Straps, 33.5 x 41" (851 x 1,041 mm) MDS87805N Nylon with straps MDS87805NLS Nylon, without straps MDS87805CLS Canvas, without straps Comfort Seat, Modified Head Support Two Chains, 53 x 35" (1,346 x 889 mm) MDS87830C Canvas, with chains MDS87830N Nylon, with chains MDS87830D Poly Mesh, with chains MDS87830CLC Canvas, without chains MDS87830NLC Nylon, without chains MDS87830DLC Poly Mesh, without chains Comfort Commode Seat, Modified Head Support Two Chains, 53 x 35" (1,346 x 889 mm) MDS87835C Canvas, with chains MDS87835N Nylon, with chains MDS87835D Poly Mesh, with chains MDS87835CLC Canvas, without chains MDS87835NLC Nylon, without chains MDS87835DLC Poly Mesh, without chains Patient Slings with Head Support MDS87805CLS MDS87830CLC MDS87835CLC MDS87800CLS SL INGS 2-POINT SLINGS For 2-Point Cradles Only To order, call 1-800-MEDLINE (1-800-633-5463) or visit us online at www.medline.com 17 TRANSF ER DEVICES AIR ASSISTED TRANSFER MAT Lateral Patient Transfer and Positioning Device Air Assisted Transfer Mats ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION APL026* 26" (252 mm) Transfer Mat APL028* 28" (711 mm) Transfer Mat APL032* 32" (813 mm) Transfer Mat APL039* 39" (991 mm) Transfer Mat APL050* 50" (1,270 mm) Transfer Mat APL032SH* 32'' (813 mm) W x 40'' (1,016 mm) L Transfer Mat APLPA1200 Air Supply * Add “N” to the end of item number for lauderable pads or add “L” to the end of item number for pads that are to be cleaned by wipe down. Shown without Included Sani-Liner How it Works: Simply place the Air Assisted Mat beneath the patient. The mat is inflated to support the patient by using the low pressure air supply.While supported by the inflated mat, a patient can be transferred or repositioned on a cushion of air. The escaping air acts as a lubricant dramatically reducing caregiver effort. Best in class: No other solution for Lateral Patient Transfer and Positioning solves more problems: • Maintains patient in horizontal position • Portable (can travel with the patient) • Extra-long handles provide proper ergonomics for safe patient handling • Cushions patients during positioning and transfer • Best transfer and positioning solution for patients with pressure sores or burns • No weight limit (Bariatric Transfers) • Facilitates X-Ray/MRI procedures Exclusive Features • 5 year manufacture warranty on transfer mat and sani-liner • Most durable air assisted lateral transfer device on the market • Patented ergonomic extended handles that maintain proper caregiver position during transfers • Patented extended sani-liner that protects all exposed surfaces of the transfer mat • Top surface is double layered which provides extra shear protection through a smooth top surface APLPA1200 18 NOT JUST PATIENT CARE, CAREGIVER CARE TRANSF ER DEVICES Full Length Transfer Board Optional: Three 2" (51 mm) web nylon restraint straps with side release plastic buckles ensure safe and secure transfers ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION PVCM600A 71" L x 23.5" W (1,803 mm L x 597 mm W) 8 carrying handles Half Length Transfer Board Optional: Two 2" (51 mm) web nylon restraint straps with side release plastic buckles ensure safe and secure transfers ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION PVCM600H 31" L x 23" W (787 mm L x 584 mm W) 6 carrying handles Narrow Full-Length Transfer Board Optional: Three 2" (51 mm) web nylon restraint straps with side release plastic buckles ensure safe and secure transfers ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION PVCM600N 71" L x 15.75" W (1,803 mm L x 400 mm W) 8 carrying handles Wide Full-Length Transfer Board Optional: Three 2" (51 mm) web nylon restraint straps with side release plastic buckles ensure safe and secure transfers ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION PVCM600W 71" L x 35.5" W (1,803 mm L x 902 mm W) 8 carrying handles TRANSFER BOARDS Our Transfer Boards are smooth and strong allowing for quick and effective patient transfers. Made of high density polyethylene, they are easy to clean. To order, call 1-800-MEDLINE (1-800-633-5463) or visit us online at www.medline.com 19 TRANSF ER DEVICES Handi Slide Handi-slides are single caregiver aids for quick repositioning. Bottom surface of handi-slides offers low friction while top surface is non-slip to adhere to clothing. ITEM NUMBER SIZE SPECIFICATIONS TS30300 Standard 11.8 x 15.7" (300 x 399 mm) ITEM NUMBER SIZE SPECIFICATIONS TS30110 Small 28.5 x 27.5" (724 x 699 mm) TS30120 Medium 42.5 x 31.5" (1,080 x 800 mm) TS30130 Large 53 x 39.5" (1,346 x 1,003 mm) TS30180 50 per roll Disposable Booster Transfer Sheet Booster transfer sheets are equipped with sewn nylon grip handles along both edges. These handles assist caregivers during patient repositioning. ITEM NUMBER SIZE SPECIFICATIONS TS30140 Standard 29 x 46" (737 x 1,168 mm) TS30150 Bariatric 46 x 46" (1,168 x 1,168 mm) Transfer Quilt Transfer quilts are padded for increased patient comfort. They glide easily in all directions significantly reducing the force required by caregivers to reposition a patient. ITEM NUMBER SIZE SPECIFICATIONS TS30210 Small 23.6 x 23.6" (600 x 600 mm) TS30220 Medium 23.6 x 55.1" (600 x 1,400 mm) TS30230 Large 23.6 x 74.8" (600 x 1,900 mm) Transfer Sheet Continuous nylon loop fabric with treated inner surface to reduce friction. Using these sheets during patient repositioning significantly reduces the force required by caregivers. ITEM NUMBER SIZE SPECIFICATIONS TS30400 Standard 16.6 x 39.5" (422 x 1,003 mm) Handi Lift This device can be used as a mini stretcher for lifting from the floor, lateral transfers or repositioning in bed. Bottom surface offers low friction and hence allows ease of gliding. TRANSFER SHEETS Transfer sheets can be used for a variety of patient transfer movements. Repositioning, boosting, and other movements are all accomplished more easily by reducing surface friction through the application of transfer sheets. FREE! Transfer Sheet Application Guide Shows step-by-step application of the transfer sheets for various applications. Send an e-mail to [email protected] to request a free copy. WASHABLE 20 NOT JUST PATIENT CARE, CAREGIVER CARE TRANSF ER DEVICES ITEM NUMBER SIZE SPECIFICATIONS TS30640 Small 17 x 14.5" (432 x 368 mm) TS30650 Medium 17.75 x 17.75" (451 x 451 mm) TS30660 Large 31.5 x 23.5" (800 x 597 mm) One Way Glide - Non Slip Unique inner surface of these continuous loops allows cushion to glide in only one direction and resist sliding back. These one way glides promote proper patient posture in a bed or in a chair. Handi Move Handi-move is an open-ended belt with two handles and inner non-slip surface. One or two caregivers can apply this by itself or as an aid to transfer sheets. ITEM NUMBER SIZE SPECIFICATIONS TS30500 Standard 9 x 45.5" (229 x 1,156 mm) Handling Belt Handi-belt is a safe lifting belt with non-slip inner surface and easy to grip handles. Secure buckling system with quick sizing adjustments. This belt may be worn by patient or caregiver to assist in standing and pivot functions. One Way Glide - Velour Unique inner surface of these continuous loops allows cushion to glide in only one direction and resist sliding back. These one way glides promote proper patient posture in a bed or in a chair. ITEM NUMBER SIZE SPECIFICATIONS TS30610 Small 17 x 14.5" (432 x 368 mm) TS30620 Medium 17.75 x 17.75" (451 x 451 mm) TS30630 Large 31.5 x 23.5" (800 x 597 mm) ITEM NUMBER SIZE SPECIFICATIONS TS30710 Small TS30720 Medium 5 x 40" (127 x 1,016 mm), adjustable 29 - 45" (737 - 1,143 mm) TS30730 Large 5" x 40" (127 x 1,016mm), adjustable 35 - 55" (889 - 1,397 mm) Disposable Transfer Sheets "Sliderz" These transfer sheets are disposable and therefore save on the time and expense of laundering. They are also suitable for control of infectious diseases. ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION TS30180 50 Perforated, latex-free sheets per box TRANSFER SHEETS cont. WASHABLE DISPOSABLE To order, call 1-800-MEDLINE (1-800-633-5463) or visit us online at www.medline.com 21 STRE TCHERS Transport Stretcher 750 lb (340 kg) Capacity Comes with 3" (76 mm) blue mattress, fold down IV poles, 5th wheel steering, tuck-away side rails, quick release O2 holder, dual sided mounted hydraulic raise/lower foot pedals, pneumatic assist positive and negative trendelenburg, pneumatic assist fowler backrest, brake steer foot pedals, 8" (203 mm) mobility casters. ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION PED750NPC1G 750 lb (340 kg) capacity Bariatric Transport Stretcher 1,000 lb (454 kg) Capacity Stretcher has a beachwood powder-coat finish and fullperimeter, non-marring bumper rail. 8" (203 mm) casters easily maneuver most surfaces. Also includes hydraulic fowler. Overall bumper to bumper width is 40" (1,016 mm). ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MPH08S1190132 1,000 lb (454 kg) capacity Chrome Plated * Mattress not included Height Adjustable Hydraulic Stretcher 450 lb (204 kg) Capacity Trendelenburg or Reverse Trendelenburg. Includes a 3" (76 mm) hinged pad, Fowler backrest, chrome side rails, oxygen holder, IV rod/holder plus four central locking and braking casters. ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MPH08S890 450 lb (204 kg) capacity Beige Paint MPH08S119012 MPH08S890 PED750NPC1G DURABLE STRETCHERS Medline durable stretchers keep you prepared for any situation. Ideal for ER, OR, ICU, or any other department in your facility. 22 NOT JUST PATIENT CARE, CAREGIVER CARE STRE TCHERS MPH07IB02 Highly recommended for intensive care, surgical recovery and geriatric areas. A hydraulic lift raises patients just inches from bed, while LCD indicator provides a quick weight readout. ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MPH07IB02 In-bed scale 400 lb (181 kg) capacity MPH07IB06 In-bed scale 600 lb (272 kg) capacity MPH08S1050 General Transportation Stretcher 350 lb (159 kg) Capacity 2" (51 mm) hinged pad, fowler backrest and swing-down chrome side rails. ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MPH08S1050 350 lb (159 kg) Capacity General Transfer and Transport Stretcher 350 lb (159 kg) Capacity Stretcher has a rigid frame similar to the MPH08S1050 but with full length side rails. 2" (51 mm) hinge pad, fowler back rest, swing down chrome side rails, 8" (203 mm) casters. ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MPH08S1150 350 lb (159 kg) Capacity MOBI L E IN-BED SCAL E To order, call 1-800-MEDLINE (1-800-633-5463) or visit us online at www.medline.com 23 CHAIRS THE MULTI-POSITIONAL CHAIR A multi-positional chair helps provide a no-lift solution for patient transfers in a safe, dignified environment for both patient and caregiver. Easily converting between a stretcher and an upright mobile chair in seconds. A All chairs quickly and easily adjust to Tilt-in-Space positions B Fully-adjustable headrest with side support C Heavy-duty central locking/ steering casters are safer for patient and caregiver D The Multi-Positional Chair helps transfer any patient with ease, and adjusts to fit most hospital beds and stretchers E Chairs are height-adjustable I-700 with Positioning and Transfer System (PTS™) Key Features I-400 ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION B1002BL* Convertible Chair, 250 lb (113 kg) capacity B1041TSG* Convertible Chair with Tilt-N-Space and Gel padding 400 lb (181 kg) capacity B1071TSG* Convertible Cair with Tilt-N-Space and Gel padding 700 lb (318 kg) capacity B1082TSG* Convertible Chair with Tilt-N-Space and Gel padding 1,000 lb (454 kg) capacity * Add “P” to end of above items to add the Positioning and Transfer System. Transfer patient by turning handle. Incline chair and you're ready to go! C D A B C D E upright position reclined position stretcher position Trendelenburg position Place chair at bed side in horizontal position. Attach sheet to the chair PTS™ A B Standard Features • Reclines to stretcher position to transfer between bed and chair • Tilt-in-Space capability, providing pressure relief • Fully adjustable headrest with side-support • Unlimited reclining positions available for patient comfort • Trendelenburg position capability • Available in 250, 400, 700 and 1,000 lb (113, 181, 318 and 454 kg) capacity Options Integrated digital scale conveniently weighs patients in seconds. • IV Pole • 02 Tank Holder Positioning and Transfer System Alterra 1232 Hi-Low Bed 24 NOT JUST PATIENT CARE, CAREGIVER CARE BEDS   26" h e i g h t r a n g e e x t e n d s f r o m 7.25" Ease of use for the caregiver • Low height of 7.25" (184 mm) makes Alterra 1232 bed ideal for Alzheimer’s patients and any other resident at risk of falling. • Battery backup keeps the bed functioning in the event of power outage and also during evacuation. • High height of 26" (660 mm) makes it easy to care for residents while helping to reduce the risk of back injuries. • Alterra 1232 bed moved from lowest to highest height without any horizontal movement, eliminating wall damage. Safety and comfort for the resident • Four ultra-quiet, dependable DC motors power the Alterra 1232 and offer a multitude of comfortable positioning options. • Unique grid/rib deck for enhanced comfort. SPECIFICATIONS Height range 7.25- 26" (184 - 660 mm) Bed deck dimensions 80" (2,032 mm) long, 34.5" (876 mm) wide Overall length 87.5" (2,223 mm) Weight capacity 450 lbs (204 kgs) Movement styles Head, knee hinge, high/low Deck style Combination grid/rib Rolling position Move at any height Motors 4 DC Casters 8 total, 4 locking Accessories Head/foot boards, head and foot section half-length side rails, mattress slide stops Warranty information Electrical components – 2 years. Bed frame – 10 years. Welds – lifetime warranty. Slide stops keep the mattress in place for safer transfer in and out of bed. The placement of the Alterra 1232’s power cord helps prevent cord pinching and chance of electric shock. The Alterra 1232’s wall guard is placed near the head section to prevent wall damage. All eight casters rotate a full 360 degrees, increasing maneuverability even in tight spaces. For extra safety, four of the eight casters lock into place. To order, call 1-800-MEDLINE (1-800-633-5463) or visit us online at www.medline.com 25 BEDS FCE01RHF* MDR01HFB* MDR01HFBLS* FCE01RHFCL* FCE01RHFTR* ALTERRA 1232 HI-LOW BED Head & Footboard Options ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION FCE1232QO Alterra 1232 Bed Package (includes Alterra 1232 hi-low bed, head section assist rails, head/foot boards in quartered oak finish, mounting hardware, 4 mattress slide stops) FCE1232B Alterra 1232 hi-low bed only MODEL 1100 FULL-ELECTRIC BED ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION FCE1100QO Model 1100 Bed Package (includes Model 1100 full electric bed, head section assist rails, head/foot boards in quartered oak finish, mounting hardware) FCE1100B Model 1100 full-electric bed only MODEL 1000 MANUAL BED ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION FCE1000QO Model 1000 Bed Package (includes Model 1000 manual bed, head section assist rails, head/foot boards in quartered oak finish, mounting hardware) FCE1000B Model 1000 manual bed only ACCESSORIES ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION FCE1232RSRN Soft-touch assist rails for FCE1232B, FCE1100B and FCE1000B beds (These assist rails can be mounted either on head section or on foot section of the bed deck.) FCE1232RSR Head section assist rails for FCE1232B, FCE1100B and FCE1000B beds FCE1232RSRF Foot section assist rails for FCE1232B, FCE1100B and FCE1000B beds FCE1232AB Assist bar for FCE1232B, FCE1100B and FCE1000B beds FCE1232RHFQO Head/foot boards in quartered oak finish with mounting hardware and mattress slide stops for FCE1232B, FCE1100B and FCE1000B beds (same style as FCE01RHF, as shown to left) FCE1232HDW Mounting hardware for head/foot boards for FCE1232B, FCE1100B and FCE1000B beds FCE1232RHFQOS Head/foot boards in quartered oak finish with staff control mounted on the footboard, staff control connecting cables, mounting hardware and mattress slide stops for FCE1232B bed (same style as FCE01RHF, as shown to left) FCE01RHFS Custom finish head/foot boards with staff control mounted on the footboard and staff control connecting cables for FCE1232B bed. FCE1232HDW must be ordered with this item. FCE01RHFCW* *Custom finish head/foot boards for FCE1232B, FCE1100B and FCE1000B beds. FCE1232HDW must be ordered with this item. All head and footboards are laminate, except for FCE01RHFCW which is high pressure laminate (HPL). Gunstock Walnut Natural Maple Wild Cherry Quartered Oak Provinical Cherry Ordering Information © 2009 Medline Industries, Inc. Medline is a registered trademark of Medline Industries, Inc. We reserve the right to correct any errors that may occur within this catalog. MKT209006 / LIT539 / 5M / ZPN6 GET ALL THE DETAILS Contact your Medline sales representative to find out how we can help you with your patient handling needs. BARIATRIC CATALOG BUILT STRONG TO LAST LONG Bariatric products to fit your healthcare facility’s needs CAPITAL EQUIPMENT CATALOG BUILT STRONG TO LAST LONG EXCEL WHEELCHAIR CATALOG BUILT STRONGER TO LAST LONGER 1-800-MEDLINE
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