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  How to Sell Used Medical Equipment

"This is all great information but the problem with these classified areas like Craigslist and EBAY, etc. is they do not have an experienced person to make sure the Medical Device is truly intended for that person. We get calls all the time with people going the inexpensive route and buy their Medical Equipment on Amazon or Craigslist and they just order it or pay for it and then when it arrives it is the wrong size or the product will not work like Portable Oxygen Concentrators for instance.

The person has to be on continuous flow versus a pulse dose machine and this could be life threatening due to them not knowing what they are buying and it does not work. I see this all the time. GoSouthernMD.com third party listing allows someone to list their medical equipment and we have internal people to SEO the product and make sure the seller is a viable source THEN we list it and SELL it for them with live people here that have over 20 years experience in the Medical Equipment industry. This way the buyer gets exactly what they need.

To many people out there buy a medical device and the person that sold it is not available to answer questions and once the buyer gets the product the seller will not take it back. It is very sad and we here about it daily. We are trying to change how people list medical equipment to sell on-line.

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) June 21, 2012

SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrators by Philips Respironics and Sold by GoSouthernMD.com

The Philips Respironics SimplyGo is a new portable oxygen concentrator that embodies the tastes that are in high demand with today’s consumers: innovation and convenience.

The Philips Respironics SimplyGo is a new portable oxygen concentrator that embodies the tastes that are in high demand with today’s consumers: innovation and convenience. This portable oxygen concentrator is so innovative and convenient because it is a unique product that is conveniently light weight for regular or fast paced/mobile life styles. The SimplyGo is the first portable oxygen concentrator to offer continuous flow (2 liters per minute) and pulse dose while only weighing 10 lbs.

When it comes to portable oxygen concentrators, there are portable concentrators that are continuous flow, pulse dose, or concentrators that are capable of both. Continuous flow has air flowing continuously, where as pulse dose delivers air when inhaled. The SimplyGo is capable of both continuous flow and pulsed dose. The SimplyGo can deliver up to 6 liters per minute on pulse dose, and it can deliver 1 and 2 liters per minute of continuous flow. Although larger machines can deliver more than 2 liters per minute on continuous flow, 95% of people who are prescribed oxygen use between 1 and 2 liters per minute in their therapy.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of the SimplyGo is its portability. There are existing portable oxygen concentrators that combine pulse dose and continuous flow, but the SimplyGo has an edge that others do not have. The SimplyGo is very light weight, weighing in at 10 lbs, with battery included. A 10 lb portable oxygen concentrator with these capabilities and features did not exist and remained unseen in the industry until the SimplyGo was released. The average weight of existing portable oxygen concentrators that combined pulse dose and continuous flow is around 20 lbs. The lighter weight allows for greater mobility and portability, especially those who travel a lot.

In order for the SimplyGo to be truly portable and mobile, it must not only be light in weight, it must also be durable. Unlike stationary oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen concentrators have much more complex and high-tech components inside. A portable oxygen concentrator is also exposed to different environments and conditions. Due to the high-tech interior of the SimplyGo, it must be protected properly. To ensure durability, the SimplyGo passed several intense endurance tests, exposing it to things such as impacts and different temperatures. The SimplyGo did not sacrifice aesthetics in order for it to be made of durable material. The SimplyGo has a great looking sleek design that’s very quiet when in use. The SimplyGo features a built in, chargeable, lightweight lithium ion battery.

The Philips SimplyGo is comparably priced with other portable oxygen concentrators on the market. The SimplyGo is lightweight, quiet, durable, portable, and built by Philips, a renowned electronics manufacturer. The many portability and functional advantages of the SimplyGo make this portable oxygen concentrator an ideal choice for oxygen users of all kinds.

GoSouthernMD.com, Inc. prides itself on the high quality customer service it provides to Sleep Therapy and Oxygen customers since 2006 and has filled almost 50,000 orders. Their slogan, “Great Products - Excellent Prices - Quality Service” is exemplified by their Better Business rating of “A”. They carry a complete line of sleep therapy equipment and supplies by ResMed, Philips Respironics, Fisher & Paykel and other manufacturers. In addition to CPAP machines and CPAP supplies, GoSouthernMD.com is your portable oxygen concentrator specialist offering the best prices and support for portable oxygen concentrators such as the Respironics SimplyGo, Respironics EverGo, Sequal Eclipse 3, Inogen G2, Invacare XPO2, Drive Medical Oxus and more. They also sell stationary oxygen concentrators such as the Philips Respironics EverFlo and Invacare Perfecto.

In addition, GoSouthernMD.com stocks all replacement parts for the CPAP machines and CPAP mask as well as replacement parts for all portable oxygen concentrators.

GoSouthernMD.com can be contacted toll free at (855)-528-2539, or by visiting their website at GoSouthernMD.com.


How to Choose the Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Our comparison guide helps you find the best portable oxygen concentrator for your individual needs.

When a doctor prescribes oxygen therapy for a patient, the patient often feels like their freedom is inhibited and finds it difficult to enjoy a lifestyle they had grown accustomed to. Since airlines do not permit the use of oxygen tanks, patients who are used to frequent travel find themselves in need of a portable oxygen concentrator. Portable oxygen concentrators give those who are accustomed to active lifestyles the ability to keep up with family, friends, and travel.

Unfortunately portable oxygen concentrators are not cheap; some portable concentrators can cost over five thousand dollars depending on the features the patient needs and the accessories they purchase. But with so many different models available, such as the Respironics EverGo, Life Choice Portable Oxygen Concentrator, and Invacare XPO2, Invacare SOLO2, Drive Oxus Reliability Plus, Respironics SimplyGo, and Inogen One G2, how does one decide which model will be the best portable oxygen concentrator for their own personal needs? When choosing a portable concentrator, there are a number of factors to consider.

First, your own personal oxygen needs: will pulse flow be enough, or do you require a continuous flow concentrator? Second, will you be using the portable oxygen concentrator for airline travel? If so, you need a concentrator that is FAA approved and offers sufficient battery life. If you are going to travel frequently, you also want a device that is compact in design. Finally, you want to be sure the concentrator you choose has a good warranty to cover you in case anything goes wrong.

Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The most important feature to consider when purchasing a portable concentrator is how much oxygen is delivered and how it is delivered. Typically patients receive oxygen in pulse mode, meaning that the air is delivered in puffs as opposed to a continuous stream. The Respironics EverGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator delivers more oxygen in pulse mode than any other model - up to 1.05 liters of oxygen per minute. Easy to use touch screen controls allow the user to easily adjust the settings as needed while the over-the-shoulder bag and rolling cart make transportation of the device easy.

Many patients who require oxygen be delivered in a continuous flow have found themselves unable to travel because of their breathing needs. The Sequal Eclipse was the first portable oxygen concentrator to incorporate both pules and continuous flow options, and the Invacare SOLO2 improved on it, giving those patients the freedom to travel. Slightly heavier and bulkier than pulse mode only concentrators, the Invacare SOLO2 is a flexible and reliable oxygen therapy system that is easier to operate than most other devices. The SOLO2 includes a rolling cart with sturdy, hardened rubber wheels ideal for practically any surface, making it easy to take anywhere, and allows users to easily change filters without opening the shell of the unit. It also is designed to operate at elevations of up to 10,000 feet, making it ideal for use on airplanes and great for locations with high elevations. The Invacare SOLO2 is versatile enough to be used while travelling or at home, eliminating the need for a home oxygen concentrator or oxygen delivery service.

The newest addition to the portable oxygen concentrator market is the Respironics SimplyGo. From the makers of the award winning EverGo, the Respironics SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator provides continuous flow and pulse dose oxygen therapy. Small than any other continuous flow concentrator, the SimplyGo is incredibly easy to use with intuitive touch screen controls. With the battery installed the SimplyGo weighs only 10 pounds and it includes everything you need for portability and convenience: carry bag, wheeled cart, power cords, and an accessory case.

For those who prefer to travel by airplane, it is best to choose a portable oxygen concentrator that is not only FAA approved for air travel, but offers enough battery power to last through a long flight or a possible flight delay and can handle the thin oxygen in airplane passenger compartments. Airline cabins are typically pressurized to simulate oxygen levels found at 8000 feet above sea level. The Respironics EverGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator, which is FAA approved, is designed to deliver concentrated oxygen at altitudes of up to 8000 feet, which enables the user to still get the amount of oxygen they need throughout the flight. This ability also makes them ideal for visiting places with higher elevations. The Respironics Evergo also offers longer battery life than most of its competitors (up to 8 hours with two batteries installed). When planning for an airline trip, keep in mind that most airlines require that passengers carrying portable oxygen concentrators have enough batteries for twice the duration of the flight, as well as one extra battery. The Respironics EverGo includes 3 batteries with purchase. The Inogen One G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator, is also designed to operate at altitudes of up to 10,000 feet. The battery life of the Inogen One, however, is less than that of the Respironics EverGo, so additional batteries will be needed on flights without available DC outputs.

Overall Size and Portability

If you're going to be traveling with an oxygen concentrator, obviously you want most lightweight, compact unit available that is going to give you the performance that you need. The Invacare SOLO2 is significantly larger than its competitors, but this can be attributed to SOLO2's ability to provide oxygen in a continuous flow. It does, however, include a cart to eliminate the need to carry the unit. The Respironics EverGo is lightweight and includes both a shoulder bag and a rolling cart. The batteries used in the EverGo are slim in design and similar to the batteries used in laptop computers. Weighing approximately ten pounds with two batteries installed, the EverGo can be carried over the shoulder when boarding airplanes and is small enough in size to be tucked under the seat in front of you. The two smallest and most affordable portable oxygen concentrators available are the Invacare XPO2 and the Life Choice Portable Oxygen Concentrator. Able to operate at altitudes up to 10000 feet, the Invacare XPO2 weighs approximately 6 pounds and significantly smaller than both the Respironics Evergo and the Inogen One. It comes in a handy carry bag and features simple controls for easy operation. The Invacare XPO2 is FAA approved for air travel, but be sure to check with your airline for additional portable oxygen concentrator information. The Life Choice Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the smallest concentrator on the market. Weighing just under 5 pounds at 9.5" tall, 7.5" wide, and 3.125" deep, the Life Choice concentrator is incredibly convenient for air travel. The Life Choice features a 2 hour internal battery pack and optional 3 hour external battery packs to make travel easy. It also features an enhanced sleep mode setting that increases breath sensitivity, ensuring that the Life Choice Oxygen Concentrator delivers the right amount of oxygen while the patient is sleeping.

Warranty Coverage and Reliability

While the warranty service on your portable oxygen concentrator is handled by the retailer you purchase it from, oxygen concentrators are covered by different warranties depending on who manufactured them. It is important to keep in mind the duration of your warranty so you are prepared with the correct information, should a problem with your device arise. Typically warranty coverage against manufacturer defects on a portable oxygen concentrator runs for 3 years, but the top brands are built to last for many more years than that. In the case of the Respironics SimplyGo, you can select a warranty period of 2, 3, or 5 years when you purchase the concentrator. Be sure to check warranty coverage when purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator, and keep in mind that used oxygen concentrators typically do not include any sort of warranty coverage, so the savings over a new device may not be worth it. The Drive Oxus Reliability Plus Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a great model to consider if you can accept pulse dose oxygen delivery and need a unit that is lightweight yet very durable. Put through rigorous testing, the Drive Oxus has proven itself to be an incredibly durable portable oxygen concentrator ideal for active lifestyles and activities such as camping. When purchasing a new oxygen therapy device, it is important to look at all of the features, benefits, and warranty coverage of each model while taking into consideration how you will be using it and what your oxygen needs are. Be sure to carefully consider the different portable oxygen concentrators available before purchasing. However, regardless of what model you choose, you are sure to enjoy the freedom of being able to travel in ways that, several years ago, were not possible for patients requiring oxygen therapy.


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If you get negative feedback then GoSouthernMD.com will work to assist as a moderator to try to rectify the dispute. We will hold the payment until this is resolved. If there is no resolution then you will have to pay to ship the product back to you at your expense and you will be banned from using this service in the future. If there is a chargeback on your listing then we have a right to recover the amount of the chargeback based on the agreement of these terms and conditions.

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We reserve the right to not list anything on our site that we do not already sell in our catalog.

If your item for sale needs a prescription then you will be liable to work with the buyer to make sure that he/she has a valid prescription prior to the final sale.

We look forward to working with you.



They wanted to charge us(get this) $160 per week for a scooter that I can buy NEW for $500. Our price was $179 for 2 weeks and this is our NATIONAL RATE which I think is very fair after labor and time. They would not budge and they told us that their customers love paying this rate. Really? As the pioneers of the national scooter rentals, you are totally wrong. Please contact us before you decide to go with LOW COUNTRY MEDICAL. We are a fair company that is looking out for you.



What you need to understand about Fall Prevention / Bath Safety and the Risks and Dangers of it on our Elderly Population by GoSouthernMD.com.

Recently the founder of GoSouthernMD.com received some terrible news which inspired him to type this letter. If you have an elderly loved one, please spend a few minutes reading this blog so you can make the correct decisions about risk management.

My 70 year old mother, this past weekend, fell down a flight of steps backwards. They were hard wood floors and she came crashing down. Right now she is battling for her life but we think she will become stable hopefully by the end of the week. We have lots of friends and family that are praying very hard for her and it looks like she might just pull through. She has black and blue marks all over her body and sustained 4 broken ribs, a broken neck and because of her COPD is having a tough time getting her lungs to oxidize her body at over 90% 02.

Because I normally get the calls daily about these events and people that have had this happen to them, I really have not truly felt the pain in regards to what they are actually going through. There are a lot of emotions when it happens to you and I can honestly say it starts with anger and then compassion because when I heard what happened I know this could have been avoided. It is really frustrating that we take for granted how easy it is at a young age to be able to just do the simple things in life like walking, running and quite simply going to the bathroom.

Based on my many years of experience in this industry and watching so many different suppliers come out with new Durable Medical Equipment Products, I have come to a conclusion that most of the time we are the ones to blame for allowing one to fall or any loved one to fall. The proper precautions should be done when an elderly loved one wishes to live by themselves or in the care of an Adult Home OR maybe in accompany by their wife or husband. In this scenario, the wife or husband MUST use the correct judgment prior to allowing your loved one to execute stairs or any other activity around the house.

Like I have said before, I have been in thousands of skilled care facilities in my time and have taken thousands of calls on these issues. My experience I hope will allow people reading this to open your eyes to the dangers of risk management. I treat everyone that calls like they are my own mom or dad or wife or husband and I give them the facts so they can make the right decision as to what is needed. Well, today I want everyone that reads this to make changes to your pattern of thinking when it comes to our elderly and what are the necessities for their average daily life needs. Keep in mind that when your loved one like my mother falls, then it could be life threatening or could have a dramatic effect on the rest of the years of their life. IS IT WORTH IT?

Here are some examples of things that I want you to think about prior to deciding what to do:

1. Is the home / skilled care room elderly proof?

This is like child proof except for the Adult. A majority of falls take place in the bathroom and they all could be avoided. An investment under $100 for a 3 and 1 commode, elevating toilet seat, grab bars, etc. would eliminate about 90% of these falls. Once you get the bathrooms done then move onto the stairs and other areas where your loved one will be. Keep in mind that simple things like walkers, lift chairs, etc. will change the percentages to our favor for the risk of accidents. When you are searching for these items it is very important that you make sure it is the right size, is set for that person and the weight capacity is good. I cannot tell you how many times someone calls us up and tells me that the cane or walker was set too short which allowed the person to fall over. These things can be and should be avoided. Any other special needs above and beyond these issues should be consulted by a professional in this industry.

2. What kind of medication are they on? Do they forget to take it? What are the effects of alcohol or other substance abuse problems?

You need to understand these issues because they can have a dramatic effect on the risk of an accident. Let’s not fool ourselves. Our loved ones at the end of their days, like to party. This is a common thing among adult communities but when you are mixing alcohol with medication and there is already problems walking is a recipe for disaster. Especially if there is a long way to walk to go to bed or stairs to contend with. If this is the case then there should be someone to assist and if there isn't then a fall is most likely going to happen. Sometimes we have to treat our elderly or moms and dads like our own children and just tell them "No". You need to tell them that you cannot do that or I will not let you do that or do not go anywhere until I am with you for assistance up the stairs. I would rather get mom mad at me for a night then having to deal with mom after a broken back. This can all be avoided and we just have to remind ourselves about these simple things.

3. Make it a habit.

Do you remember when your mom or your dad was always nagging you to clean up your room or brush your teeth? Well now it is time to get them back. Put together a daily reminder checklist and hammer it home. If you do this then the cause for concern for any accidents will go way down. Always remember to set the breaks every time on the wheelchair. Always have the control knob on the scooter set slow. Set up an alarm and call mom or dad to remind them to take their medications. This list goes on and on. Be smart and make it a habit. These are the simple things that will save lives and eliminate accidents.

4. Ego or Dignity needs to go out the window.

I cannot tell you how many times I talk to people that tell me that getting mom to use a walker, a cane, a scooter or a wheelchair is impossible. Well people, I do not care what it takes; this is a MUST because this is one of the biggest reasons for an accident. I have heard horror stories about dad refusing to use a scooter but still driving and lost their life because they had a bad car accident. It is your job to convince them that they need this item. If you need help, please contact us and we will talk you through the steps that you need to take to get it done. There is NO excuse for not forcing your loved one to use this product that will decrease their risk of an accident. Set their grandkids in front of them and ask them if they want to see them again? Well, you won’t if you have a nasty fall.

5. Make them care. Give them something to live for?

I have heard stories like Dad lost Mom and now he does not care so because of this he won’t use his walker or he or she just wants to lie in bed or watch television. The will to live is a huge priority in the elderly person’s life. We need to do a better job of keeping them occupied and giving them some "pep in their step". Always try to get them active in some kind of activity whether it is in the pool or using a walking aid or any other means that makes them exercise. This is going to assist in keeping the blood flow and helps them remain active and alert. I have helped many with this technique and it has done a lot for our customers. There are so many things that can keep them going. The internet is a huge way to keep them in touch with friends and family. I can tell you from experience that I speak to people everyday that are in their 90's and ordering their own medical supplies on-line or over the phone. It is refreshing to see.

I hope these things will help eliminate the falls and accidents that happen with our elderly population. This is a huge passion of mine and that is to help people and make sure they understand the facts. It just tears me up when I have to field these calls daily knowing that most of them could have been avoided. Even my mother, I love you mom and we are all praying for you but it is indeed my fault since it could have been avoided. I will not make the mistake again if indeed I get another chance.


Here is what they are saying about us from CPAP Community:

Source of Oxygen Concentrator Reviews or Recommendations by torontoCPAPguy on Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:06 pm

I am seeking a non-portable oxygen concentrator of top quality and am having trouble locating reviews for same. They all look the same to me. I found a site with some pretty decent pricing at Southern Medical Distributors (gosouthernmd-dot-com). Even the prices are all about the same!

Here is what I am looking at: DeVilbiss 5L Everflo Q 5L Invacare Perfecto 2 5L They are all 5L units with 5 year warranty, O2 sensors, filters, etc. and are all in the $650-$750 range delivered.

Does anyone have experience with these units or can anyone direct me to a site that might have reviews of oxygen concentrators. By the way, the cost for an oxygen concentrator in Ontario (where they won't sell them) is $395 per month for rental. Talk about a cash cow! Thanks in advance.

Re: Source of Oxygen Concentrator Reviews or Recommendations by Skybird on Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:51 am

I was renting O2 concentrators through my insurance (Invacare, Respironics Millennium and another one of which I do not remember the brand).

I researched concentrators and it was apparent I could buy one and my payback would be in seven months. That is way less than insurance rent since I would require the unit for life. Part of that research was the quietness of the units.

I purchased the Respironics Everflo Q from Southern Medical Distributors. The Everflo Q is the quietest concentrator I have used to date. I have been using the Everflo Q for nearly two years and it has performed well. I paid less than $700 with free shipping from Southern Medical Distributors.

thanks for the kudos,



GT-3 Testomonial:

Out of all the responses and almost 50,000 orders filled, this was by far one of the most moving emails for all of us here at GoSouthernMD.com. What a man you married; what a story and we are blessed to do this for him. We hope he does beat his condition. At 91, he does more then some 70 year olds. This is why precisely why we have this product on our site and the pricing is great. We are happy that we can change peoples live.

Subject: Re: Diana--R and L carriers is trying to get a hold of you right now.

Doug's scooter arrived today and he was sooo moved that he cried. Let me just tell you a little bit about Doug. Doug and I got married four years ago tomorrow. I was 57 and he was 91. He is not like anyone you will ever meet. Up until about six months ago he was just as active as a 20 year old. After we married he built a deck on my house, poured a concrete patio, took out a big picture window so he could bring a hot tub in to the sunroom and then put the window back in, and most of last summer he spent remodeling our basement. He has driven us to Florida several times and before he got cancer we were planning a trip to niagra falls. He has a wonderfully kind and gentle spirit and he is very proud. But a few weeks ago when he found out that the cancer had spread to his spine, his lungs, and his bladder he refused to give up. He still says he can beat this.

He never complains about anything but he went to lowes one day to pick up some things and came back in tears because he couldn't walk far enought to get what he needed. Thats when I knew I had to do this. I could see that just walking to the shop to get tools when he is working on something was hard for him. So now he can jump on his scooter and ride when he needs to. I knew he would never accept a scooter like old people ride but a few months ago my son and I bought used (two wheel) electric scooters and we ride down the street. I could tell he wanted to try but since he never learned to ride a bike, him and I both were afraid for him to try it. When I seen this three wheeler I knew it was for him. He has done a lot throughout his life. He plays the piano, the organ, and did play the guitar until he fell off a roof and broke both wrists. And up until a couple years before we married he flew an airplane. (the stories from his friends about his flying are priceless). He said he has had more speeding tickets than he can count so it seems fitting that he has the fastest mobility scooter on the market.

I could go on and on but I just wanted to thank you again for all that you did to make this happen. I have never seen him so happy. He ripped into that crate like a kid on Christmas morning. It should be fully charged just about now so I am sure he will want to try it out. I have your regular website's address so if I need anything like replacement batteries etc, I will let you know. I also bought him a trailer to put on the back of the car with a ramp so he can take it to lowes. I will go now and leave positive feedback on ebay. God Bless!


GoSouthernMD.com is going to explain this one more time for people trying to sell their medical supplies or devices in which a loved one has passed away.  GoSouthernMD.com will not participate in buying used equipment nor do we buy new product from individuals because of the concerns of insurance.  By selling someones equipment that is paid by insurance, you are profiting off product that is owned by Medicare or another insurance company.  There is a serial number that is tracked and it is illegal to sell this equipment and you will be held accountable for this and will be passed on to the person or company that purchases this equipment.  It is theft and fraud and YOU MUST RETURN IT TO THE PROPER INSURANCE COMPANY THAT OWNS THE EQUIPMENT so they can give it to the next person of need.  This is how insurance and Medicare works and tax payers pay for this equipment that needs to be reused the proper way.  




Great Testimonial on the PT/INR Meter Welcome Kit:

"Thanks for the info GoSouthernMD.com. So far the unit has worked out well - I'm very relieved to be sending my doctor and the Cleveland Clinic my INR every few days rather than struggling to find a clinic somewhere. Well worth the cost in my opinion. We're in Canada where our cell coverage is not the greatest, but keep trying if you're attempting to reach us.

Regards to all, and a big thank you!"

Cat in Orlando 


Great testimonial on the GT-3 Mobility Scooter:

My Scooter arrived yesterday. The tracking information was as good as UPS if not better. The driver was great and the scooter arrived without a scratch. It came just like the movie you made. Riding the bike through the rest of the day showed it is very well made with all of the features you described and more.

Inside the supermarket, I got all kinds of smiles and comments on how beautiful it is. Everyone looks and everyone smiles, especially me. Thanks for doing a great job, and if anyone is a little afraid to buy one, have the ask me or show them this letter.

It's a BEAUTY!"

Bob R

Boston, MA


New Info on whats going on in the world of Oxygen and our government from GoSouthernMD.com:

U.S. Senators Sponsor Legislation To Protect Home Oxygen Therapy Patients Last month, United States Senators Jack Reed (D-RI)) and Pat Roberts (R-KS) introduced the Home Oxygen Patient Protection (HOPP) Act. This legislation would undo a provision that was included in the 2005 Deficit Reduction Act that required Medicare beneficiaries receiving home oxygen therapy to purchase the equipment after 36 months. Senator Reed commented that "More than 1 million Medicare recipients suffer from chronic respiratory illness requiring oxygen therapy for their survival. Medical oxygen is a prescription drug and it is essential that these patients receive this oxygen safely."

The 2005 Deficit Reduction Act capped the home oxygen benefit at 36 months, forcing the patient to own their equipment. This placed patient safety in jeopardy and diminishes the patient’s independence and quality of life. This Act passed along the responsibilities for servicing and maintaining oxygen therapy equipment to the patient, creating an additional and unnecessary burden. Peter Kelly, Chairman of the Council for Quality Respiratory Care (CORC), says: "Adequate Medicare funding for home oxygen therapy will be crucial in the coming years to help patients maintain independence and quality of life, especially as incidence of COPD and other lung-related diseases continue to rise." The CORC is a coalition of 11 leading home oxygen therapy providers and manufacturers who provide services and care to approximately 650,000 home oxygen therapy patients.

The CORC applauded the HOPP Act as a measure to ensure that the over 1 million Medicare patients requiring supplemental oxygen continue to have access to home oxygen therapy. The typical home oxygen therapy patient is a 73-year-old woman suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), which is the nation’s 4th leading cause of death. COPD is a respiratory disease that obstructs airflow to the lungs, causing shortness of breath and a host of other aliments. COPD is the term physicians prefer to use referring to 2 lung diseases that frequently co-exist, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. The primary risk factor for the disease is smoking, with approximately 80% to 90% of COPD deaths being smoking related. "Chronic respiratory illness is devastating and debilitating", added Senator Reed. I will work with my colleagues to ensure that these Medicare patients are again able to receive life-saving assistance and help improve both their safety and overall quality of life."

It seems that Congress is finally realizing that long-term oxygen therapy has a proven track record as a cost effective method for respiratory illness. When you compare the average cost of hospitalization for COPD, $4,603 per day, to the cost of home oxygen therapy, $7.62 per day, the saving are remarkable. (Remarkable for who? It should cost the tax payers $.62 per day instead and the Oxygen patient will own the unit. Its rare that a person needs help. I love how they show the cost per day of the alternate via hospital. I cannot believe our government is buying it.) These savings can be increased even further by using oxygen concentrators. Oxygen concentrators simply plug into standard electrical outlets, with many models being energy efficient. These instruments save money by eliminating the need for cylinder refilling and scheduling of deliveries. For information about 2 of the most advanced portable oxygen delivery systems please visit Inogen One and Sequal Eclipse to learn about where advances in COPD and Emphysema treatment therapy.

Our response to this in regards to the applauding of this act and the excitement is extremely inflated.  We see no excitement in this period.   What we love is how the groups providing the oxygen is happy that there is an extension of benefits that the government is paying.  Of course they do?  They can make more money at the taxpayers benefit.  What this means is WE THE PEOPLE are paying the big Oxygen Suppliers over $200/month not to do anything.  Did you know legally that these companies must have a RT or Respiratory Therapist on staff 24/7 and on call.  They are required to return the call in an emergency within one hour.  Good luck with this.  With the huge national companies this is rare.  Also, they are required by law that they come see the recipient of the oxygen equipment once a month to check the concentrator and change the tubing.  Good luck with that too.  I promise you that all large Oxygen companies break the law daily.  They justify that these recipients need help and it is an emergency and thus they should be paid get a load of this over $7,000 for a machine under the cap rental of 36/months that cost them $500.  Now they want more.  

These companies also know that when they put the oxygen concentrator in the home for 36 months that there is a 99.99995% chance that nothing will happen to it under 20,000 hours.  This is a fact people.  This is 833 days running it at 24/7.  

This coalition and all these people involved are all getting richer.  What should happen is the machine should be purchased for about $700 or so AND THEN when something happens which is rare then a professional should come out.  This would save the government billions.  Unfortunately, we are not dealing with the sharpest tools in the shed up there in Washington because greed has been running things up there for years.  This is the only way that we can see someone or group does not see this.  These are the facts people and maybe someday someone will change it for the better of humanity.  

"We leave no one behind."


Anyone that orders the PT/INR strips from GoSouthernMD.com is going to deal with the expiration date of 11/11. Not sure how long this will last.

Unfortunately, when a supplier changes hands, in this case from Hemosense to Alere, they have unwanted inventory that needs to be unloaded.

Usually our strips have an expiration date of one year past the date of your order. But the recent shipments we received is about 6 months (this is shady). At the end of the day, it is the little guy, me, that has to pay for this mistake by the supplier. Lets hope that this will be the last time that this product changes hands and the last time that the PT/INR meter and strips change the look too.

This is a double wammy for the middle man. I will complain upward but I guarantee that nothing will happen. Anyone that gets these strips from us with the expiration date of 11/11, we will send you 6 more on that date to replenish the supply due to the bad date.

Thanks for your continued support for GoSouthernMD.com

We always do what is right.


Please see great testimonial.

Thank you GO Southern MD! Go Southern MD helped us out with a scooter so one of our shop owners could attend our show in Nashville.


This was the coolest scooter!


Due to Fraudulent concerns overseas and theft of Portable Concentrators from countries of Malaysia and others from our site, GoSouthernMD.com had to up our security on our PayPal Account which meant it had to be shut down for a little while.

We now will accept PayPal orders again and we are very sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

GoSouthernMD.com Management.


Even at the worst of adversity, GoSouthernMD.com still shines.  We took care of a warranty issue on a portable concentrator for someone that was leaving to go to Europe a week after it went down.  See below and great job team.

Did I hit the nail on head Elina. That is exactly what I told her today *****. There is not a lot that I have not heard or seen when it comes to shipping. Glad you got it.

Airsep and GoSouthernMD.com a winning ticket. :)


Airsep Warranty issue:

(From Customer)Got it !

Apparently UPS lied when they Said they couldnt find anyone to accept yesterday's delivery. They never bothered. I made a zillion calls Today to the Chicago supervisors, and Caught the driver. He left the package Outside my door, without ringing the bell. He has some bug in his ear re: Delivering to me. I personally prefer FedEx or UPS Express in this area. They seem more reliable than Ground Service. Anyway, the equipment is here, it is in use as I write, it is doing It's thing, no alarms are sounding, and I want to thank you so much for Facilitating this matter so efficiently and so reliably for me. The service <that> GoSouthernMD.com has provided for me is pretty impressive.

Best - **** Brown Chicago, IL


Tim(VP at US Airways),

I left you a message this morning about your Oxygen to Go relationship and other rental companies that you are aligned with for people of special needs.

We are starting to get many calls from customers that are going to your Special Needs section and trying to order disabled products with your partners. These people are getting prices and quotes that are absolutely ridiculous.

I started this company to help people that have special needs in 2006 and we provide services for rental customers in every city in this country. We have over 100 service centers in the US and our prices are extremely fair. We do not hide ANY costs. Our prices are always including everything. Our competition is working real hard to guage these people with hidden costs among other things that are not needed.

For instance, we had a lady that works for a Social Media/Marketing and is a freelance writer for her own blog. She is doing a rather in-depth article about the difficulties of Airlines that are charging outrageous rates for scooters, Oxygen, etc. She is currently on Oxygen and is taking a flight with your Airline on April 6th, 2011. She received a quote from Oxygen to Go for a Portable Concentrator for a trip and the pricing came out to almost $1500.

Oxygen to Go is giving very poor information about what she actually needs. She is taking a 12 hour flight and the EverGo provides 8 hours of battery life at 3L per minute. Our pricing is $399 for 2 weeks and this includes delivery both ways and the set up of the machine. Oxygen to Go wanted to charge her $325 per week and $99 for each additional battery. 9 batteries was recommended which is about double what she actually needing. Plus, they wanted to charge her a delivery fee of $150 per each way.

This is one of many complaints that I have been receiving from customers that come to your website for their special needs. As a company founded on the principles of fair prices and excellent service, we would love an opportunity to see if we can help your customers on all their rental needs nationwide. We fill about 100 rentals per month and our margins are very low.

 We NEVER take advantage of someone that has special needs for huge profits.



No this is fraud and we are reporting you to the FBI.  Your IP address is being located.   We see people like you on our site all the time.

Clicking next day air--different billing address then the ship too address. 2 numbers the shipping number is a blackjack number and the number in Silver Springs is a guy that has received multiple calls from hard working Americans verifiying that this order is legit.

We have an extremely encrypted site and everything must match.  We verify names and numbers too prior to shipping so we can catch you.   

I hope the FBI tracks you down. FBI--see info from our website with

IP address information and pattern that we are seeing for people of the unethical nature.

2008435, Date 03/07/2011, Posted from IP:

View visits records

Name Elssie Dzukey

Block last name

Email [email protected]

Block email Phone 7862065370

Address 11414 Stewart Lane C2, Silver Spring MD 20904

US Shipping Address Elssie Dzukey 8342 NW 56th st, Doral FL 33166 UNITED STATES (3053812759, [email protected])

Details 6x #SMD-AFP_ea/35538 Accupulse Finger Oximeter variations = $294.00 Comments How hear? Family/Friends(A Pattern), Custom Fields 1: 2: 3:

Shipment Next Day(A Pattern) (within continental U.S. only, under 30 lbs.) $29.95 Shipment Tracking Your order shipped next day air and tracking will follow. Package volume 0x0x0.6  From: Full Name [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Monday, March 07, 2011 3:10 PM

Subject: RE: Shipment Tracking for order #2008435

(Bad grammar),

Would you please email me my fedex tracking number,thank you.

Elssie Dzukey. Date: 07/03/2011 04:51 PM To: "'Full Name'" Subject: RE: Shipment Tracking for order #2008435 This order already shipped via Fed Ex. Not possible. Sorry! -----Original Message----- From: Full Name [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Monday, March 07, 2011 2:45 PM Subject: Re: Shipment Tracking for order #2008435

Dear(Red Flag), I wonder if you can call UPS or Fedex to change my shipping address before pick up because I am moving to a new warehouse and the person in charge to receive my order is as follow. George Mora 5121 NW 79 Ave Unit 7 Miami,FL 33166

Elssie Dzukey.


Taken From FaceBook:

GoSouthernMD.com Medline Medline Medline--you shipped us the WRONG size kid kit catheters for the little guy in Orlando going to Disney World. Your new kit is great but there is a French size discrepancy. You know that and now the family cannot travel. I hope you do what is right Monday because I have to send them 10FR versus 8FR next day air at over $100 my cost. 42 minutes ago · 1 · Like ·

GoSouthernMD.com ‎"we leave no one behind." 15 minutes ago · Like

GoSouthernMD.com I am writing you regarding order #2008414. I received the Erase Cauti catheter trays today, and the manufacturer (Medline) sent you the wrong size. I ordered 3 of the 10 french 3ml tray, and they sent you the 8 french 3ml trays. I am so sorry your company paid extra to ship this overnight to me only to have shipped the wrong product due to a manufacturer mistake.

Unfortunately, my son's doctor prescribed the 10fr trays, specifically, as he did not want him to use the 8fr size, so I am unable to use the ones that were sent. I realize that you had discussed with me earlier that you were ordering the 10fr trays direct from Medline. Your enclosed paperwork does say that you ordered the correct size; however, as I stated before, they sent you the incorrect size.

Could you check the rest of the case you ordered to verify what I am telling you, and follow up with Medline to see what they can do to correct the problem? My son uses many of the medline products, and we prefer their products over many of the other manufacturers, so I hope that they will help you correct the problem quickly and fairly. Please contact me at (941)xxxxxxx after you discuss the issue with Medline. I am out of town from 3/6 to 3/13 (the reason we ordered the catheters to be overnighted), so you will only be able to reach me at this number. Thank you again for your help. 13 minutes ago · Like


GoSouthernMD.com will start effective today to link this blog to all advocates in the Healthcare industry that make people accountable that try to gauge, take advantage of the disabled, over price, and do what is not right in this industry.  For this to be effective, we will start linking this BLOG to sites that will assist us in speading the word for compliance and holding every person and company accountable for their actions.  You do not want to be on our blog.  We will state facts and it will be out there for the world to see.  

GoSouthernMD.com was founded as a website that will "leave no one behind" even if we lose money in the process.  If there is the knowledge and the understanding that our customers will know the facts of each order then they will understand as the middle man (GoSouthernMD.com) that we do all we can with what we can control.  99% of the time, we NEVER make mistakes because we have been doing this over 6 years and we have filled over 40,000 orders to date.  We do make mistakes but it is very rare.  There is usually some underlying issues that we cannot control and we will expose this to the public.

GoSouthernMD.com Management

"We Leave No One Behind." 


Kudos from Texas!

Happy Customer Thank You,

Just wanted to thank you for my 2 recent orders which I received very promptly and in perfect order. Order Numbers 2008287 & 2008298 (EverGo Welcome kit w/Everflo Q).

Excellent service GoSouthernMD.com!

James from Texas


Great article from the Healthcare Finance News about the Top 50 Cities in the USA for Hospital Care.  We provide medical equipment locally via rentals or purchase in each of these cities.   Please see cities where we do have a service center for your Durable Medical Equipment Rental Needs. 

Top 10 cities for Healthcare

HealthGrades Top 50 Cities for Hospital Care:

1 - 10 Cities in Bold:

  1. West Palm Beach, Fla. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  2. Brownsville, Texas - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  3. Dayton, Ohio - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  4. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  5. Tucson, Ariz. - National Headquarters and Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  6. Cincinnati, Ohio - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  7. Phoenix , Ariz - National Headquarters and Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  8. Greenville, S.C. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  9. Chattanooga, Tenn. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City. 
  10. Richmond, Va. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  11. Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  12. Hartford/New Haven, Conn. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  13. Cleveland - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  14. Grand Rapids, Mich. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  15. Baltimore - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  16. Chicago - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  17. San Diego - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  18. Detroit - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  19. Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  20. St. Louis - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  21. Orlando, Fla. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  22. Houston - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  23. Wilkes Barre, Pa. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  24. La Crosse-Eau Claire - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  25. Milwaukee, Wis. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  26. Evansville, Ind.
  27. Atlanta - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  28. Colorado Springs, Colo. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  29. Jacksonville, Fla. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  30. Columbia, Mo. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  31. Tri-Cities, Tenn. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  32. Johnstown/Altoona, Pa.
  33. Savannah, Ga. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  34. Lincoln, Neb. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  35. Denver - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  36. Los Angeles - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  37. Eugene, Ore. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  38. Des Moines/Ames, Iowa - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  39. Youngstown, Ohio
  40. Wichita, Kan. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  41. Davenport, Iowa - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  42. Champaign, Ill.
  43. Columbus, Ohio - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  44. Springfield, Mo. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  45. Memphis, Tenn. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  46. Syracuse, N.Y. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  47. Pittsburgh - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  48. San Francisco - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  49. Louisville, Ky. - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.
  50. New York City - Medical Equipment Rental Service Center City.


Thanks for the great Testimonial Dennis:

"Hello GoSouthernMD.com, Thank You for the info sent by Elina. Moms (Pride Stylus) wheelchair arrived yesterday 2-16-11 and she is very happy with the chair! Thank You for making it affordable for me. It is amazing how much local Medical Supply stores upcharge for medical supplies."


There is a new customer Scam / Identity Theft going on out there and it has cost us thousands. There are people going on our website ordering the ZOLL AED for $1497 and they are using a wife and husband combination with the shipping being one name and address and the billing being the same last name but a different address from the shipping.  They are using a stolen American Express credit card.  We have filled these orders for the third and last time.  American Express will do nothing to help us and these Defibillators are being used to sell on the black market.  

If there is any orders on our site moving forward with a different name and different billing and shipping address, we will call you to confirm that this is a legitimate order.  If you are ordering on our site and you have a different name and shipping address from the billing address, please call us and place the order to save time--this is the verification process since the scam orders do not answer the phone number.  All orders that are placed this way will be subject to being held for verification.  All other orders will ship as usual.  We are sorry about delaying orders that do not match shipping and billing addresses but it is for everyones protection.

GoSouthernMD.com Finance



We at GoSouthernMD.com try very hard to give you the facts of medical supplies and healthcare products. Sometimes we have to tell you what you DO NOT want to hear but it is why we are in this business. As your professional advisor in this industry, you will always get the facts from us.

In the past 5 years we have been On-Line and serving over 30,000 plus customers it has become even more of an increasing threat that where their is the unfortunate and their is lots of money comes the people and companies that thrive off of this. Please beware of the companies and people that tell you what you want to hear. This is very important since peoples lives are at stake.

THIS IS A FACT PEOPLE: There is NOT ONE PORTABLE OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR that will give out more then 3 Liters per minute of oxygen. PERIOD!

There is people and companies that use the gimmick of the supplier marketing up to 6 settings. This is very confusing. Sure the setting is 6 but it is .5 liters per minute of over 90%+ oxygen NOT 6L of Oxygen per minute. Please report these companies that are lying to the consumers. This could result in serious illness and possible death. People and companies that give out this information to make a $ should be shut down immediately.

Please contact Robert Remitz to get the facts of Oxygen so that way you can make the right decision.



This is a great testimonial on the Matristem and how it does grow tissue and fix scars, etc. This is one of our customers who tried out this new product and has placed his third order.

Just thought I would let you know that things are going well with my finger and thanks so much for your assistance. I'm constantly utilizing your site for orders and info. As a matter of fact I just submitted another order that I'm really hoping will arrive Friday. I've given your site info to many interested friends already and will continue to do so. No need to respond I just wanted to say thanks and I won't forget it.


Tom in Seattle  



Thank you so much for helping out the IRS in Dallas. We will be doing lots of rentals with GoSouthernMD.com because of the success of our recent government order. Thanks for your help and I do not know what we would have done with out you. This was a new experience for the IRS and I appreciate all the efforts GoSouthernMD.com put forth to help rent a scooter for one of our employees. You are the best and please tell your accounting person, Crystal, that she went out of her way for us and we thank you so much.  It is the great customer service that we will not forget. 


We are not sure how our competitors are getting away with this but we want to reiterate again here.  If there is a company and this list is very long, that sells Medical devices and products and bills for insurance they CANNOT go below the allowable when they sell retail.  This is called "double dipping" and is illegal. 

Medicare, SADMERC and other Federal Agencies set the allowable per a code for each product that is billable.  The amount is set and this company cannot go below that amount if they bill for this item via insurance.  These companies spend millions on lobbyists and other ways to make sure that Medicare does not cut the costs and these companies use several methods explaining why the "pay-out" needs to be at that price.  These same companies are also selling on the internet and are dropping the retail price to match me.  This is so illegal in everyway and they are all getting away with it.  I do not take insurance because we are legally doing it right.  There will be a time when we will figure out a way to shut these companies down. 

Either you take insurance and you sell retail at the allowable or you do not take insurance and compete against me the legal way.  Our fight is that if you take insurance and you want to sell against me on the internet then these companies are proving that the allowable should be the amount that you wish to sell at the retail price.  This is the legal way to do it.  The companies that are doing this by the way are anyone that you see On-Line that does both insurance and have prices close to mine.  These companies are breaking the law and should be ashamed at themselves.  They are also starting another company with a different name too which should be banned too.  We will not stop to save tax payers money and make sure that everyone is competing legally and until that happens, we will continue to make sure that our government knows about these companies.


Please will someone from Medicare and other National Medical Services help stop our elderly falling and breaking hips and other injuries.  We take numerous calls a week about this growing concern and something needs to happen.  We need to take care of our own and something must be done.  There is so many ways to fix this problem but we hear about all the horror stories associated with trying to cut costs.  These are very small amounts to fix versus the alternative.  


New York has banned ways healthcare facilities clean and sanitize their facility. Hence the hospital smell. Everyone should follow suit. We are now "going green". This will be the wave of the future and no more hospital smell. We are proud to be a part of this change. Just click on the new category titled Environmental Services / Go Green to see more information.



There might be some light at the end of the tunnel now...
Continental had in writing from the manufacturer that I have a sticker stating the suciton machine is FAA approved. It took them over 48 hours for their "safety engineers" to tell me a verbal ok for flying now. They still will not put it in writing, but I don't see how else they can refuse me now that I have the sticker on it saying FAA approved.

So we should be able to fly with them after all....but oh wait they don't want my pulse oximeter either even though they told me on the phone it was ok. So I have to get a finger one that I explained runs off of a AA or AAA or watch battery - but is not something that ever plugs in or recharges. So nothing to worry about right? Wrong, they wanted the make, model and battery info on it. So their are two possible ones I could get. One runs on 2 AAA batteries, one runs off of a 3.6V lithum watch battery. They don't want me to use the one with the watch battery. I asked "Does this mean you don't allow anyone on board to have a watch on?" Seriously! If Dillon can't have a medically necessary piece of equipment just because it runs off a watch battery than I sure hope they wouldn't allow anyone else to have for non-medical reasons. But you and I both know they don't stop you from wearing your watch on board - they just make life as difficult as possible for a disabled person. So GoSouthernMD.com - read more about them below - is making sure they get me the one with the AAA batteries.

So I still need 15 batteries for the oxygen concentrator to be able to fly with Continental since they informed they don't do on board oxygen. I had one man who promised me he would get me all the batteries so I wasn't worried about it. I called him back yesterday and he said oops I can only get you two. TWO? I need 15! So I started making calls - begging companies to let me rent just the batteries so I could rent from several places and get all that I need. Most wouldn't even let me do this. Well I called GoSouthernMD.com and they promised me they would get them for me. They are emailing everyone they can asking them for help to make this possible for Dillon. You see, every other company all but laughed at me when I told them I needed 15. They cost about 350 each and they don't last very long until they won't recharge anymore so most companies only have a few. GoSouthernMD.com is the only one who said they would make this happen for me. I can't express I gratitude to them enough. It is going to be a lot of work for them to get them for me, but they said they will. I did not plan to have to rent 15 batteries so I am not sure how much it will come to, but some how God will provide! Please pray these kind people will be able to get all the batteries we need in time for our flight in 10 days.

The ONE positive thing with Continental is this... She told me that the flight from IAD to EWR is with a different carrier. I didn't know this because I don't fly much and didn't see it on my tickets. Janyce said if they don't allow my equipment they would have me fly out of a different Washington DC airport with one of their flights. I explained how EWR is closer to my home and that we were only going to DC and having the lay over becuase it was cheaper. I asked if we could just board in EWR so it will be MUCH easier on me and on their ground crew. She told me it is a "pretty for sure thing" that they will let us board in EWR which means we would have a direct flight to Beijing. It would only be a little over 13 hours, and no lay over to drag 75 pounds of batteries around an airport. So I am praying they will come through with this and let us board in EWR.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. I don't have in writing from them yet that they will allow me to fly with my FAA approved machines, but I am planning that they will. I am not sure why God allowed all this. I am not sure why things worked out so we need the 15 batteries - but I am thankful for the wonderful people at GoSouthernMD.com for helping! If they didn't help I would have to book different tickets - even after all we have done to get to this point with Continental. I am not sure what God's plans are, but He is still working, He is still providing. And while I still don't have anything in writing - I am trusting God that it will all come together just in the nick of time. 


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