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SunTech Modular Diagnostic Vital Sign Monitor Station

SunTech Modular Diagnostic Vital Sign Monitor Station

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SunTech 247 Modular Diagnostic / Vital Sign Monitor Station Welcome Kit

SunTech 247 Modular Diagnostic / Vital Sign Monitor Station Welcome Kit is the first creation of a true modular diagnostic station that grows with your needs.

Adview 9000

Our simple order process allows you to start with basic automated BP, then add thermometry and pulse oximetry AS you need it. Choose from wall mount, table mount or mobile configurations. Or convert the unit to the platform needed as your requirements change.

We have also created a parts page for just ordering parts and it is simplified with just one page. See drop down boxes to create your order.

Adview Pulsox

The complete ADVIEW diagnostic / Vital Sign Monitor station includes:

  • An automated BP monitor that measures systolic and diastolic pressure, pulse rate and MAP in about 30 seconds using the oscillometric method A temperature module using Kendall’s Filac Fasttemp technology that provides an oral or axillary temperature in about 10 seconds.
  •  Built in storage well for the probe and box of 20 disposable probe covers.
  • An SPO2 module that features industry leading Nellcor compatible technology for accurate readings in about 10 seconds.
  • Optional EMR (electronic medical records) with Bluetooth connectivity for wireless integration to your computer system.

Unlike EVERY other monitor on the market, the ADView is completely modular. You can purchase the ADVIEW configured as you want from the factory OR upgrade the unit in the field at any time. No tools needed. With connect and go capability, adding optional temperature and pulse oximetry modules is effortless.  

*Limited Time Offer.  When you order the BP / Oximeter / Temp Welcome Kit, you will receive the following item FREE.  This item is valued at $259.00.

Free Item

Adview 9000BPSTO

Start With Blood Pressure

Designed with the idea that no two patients are alike, the ADC ADView™ Diagnostic Station continues the innovation first developed for the e-sphyg 2 by offering a manual measurement mode. By combining the best of our nearly half century years of blood pressure measurement experience with the capability to apply traditional methods of blood pressure measurement, the ADC AdView™ provides the most reliable and versatile means of capturing blood pressure data.

Easily capture automated blood pressure measurements at the touch of a button or choose to measure with your stethoscope by using the manual feature for your patients with arrhythmias or other complex needs. We recognize that all patients are different. Now, everything you need for accurate blood pressure is in one intuitive device. With 5 cuff sizes, ranging from child to thigh, the ADC ADView™ caters to all of your patients.*

* The ADC AdView™ is intended for patients ages 3 and up.

What's Included:

  • Adult & Large Adult All Purpose Cuffs
  • 8' blood pressure hose
  • Mains/Power Supply
  • Mains/Power Cable
  • Resource CD
  • Quick Start Guide Reference Card  

Module Options

Purchase the ADC AdView™ configured as you want from the factory or upgrade in the field at any time. With connect-and-go capability, adding optional temperature and pulse oximetry modules is effortless. No tools required! Upgrade with confidence. The ADC AdView™ puts all of your vital signs needs into one optimized diagnostic station whenever you need it.

Automated Temperature Readings

With connect-and-go capability, adding temperature is effortless. The temperature module allows both oral/axillary and rectal readings with corresponding color-coded probe wells for storage.

Simply remove the plastic end-cap on the top of your ADC AdView™ BP module and slide the temperature module until it snaps into place. The temperature module is ready to use instantly.

What's included:

  • Oral/Axillary probe (blue)
  • 1 box of FILAC FASTEMP probe covers

Other accessories SpO2 Readings in an Instant

Our SpO2 add-on module includes industry-leading Nellcor® compatible technology for easy-to-integrate pulse oximetry measurement. The ADC AdView™ SpO2 module comes with a reusable finger clip sensor.

Simply remove the plastic end-cap on the bottom of your ADC AdView™ BP module and slide the SpO2 module until it snaps into place. The SpO2 module is ready to use instantly.

What's included:

  • Reusable Adult Finger Sensor 6
  • ' Extension Cable
  • Other accessories

Mounting Options

Choose from three “platforms” for the mount that best suits your needs. Or convert from one platform to another as your requirements change.

Wall Mount

Replaces Manual Aneroid or Mercurial BP Instruments:

Intuitive design coupled with reliable, validated performance makes the ADC AdView™ BP module an appealing replacement for wall mounted mechanical sphygmomanometers.

Table Stand

Replaces Mercury Sphygs

The desktop caddy configuration replaces traditional mercury units at an affordable price. Conveniently carry from room to room. You can add additional parameters such as temperature and SpO2 whenever needed.

Mobile Stand

Room to Room Portability

Achieve maximum versatility when you use the mobile stand configuration. With the rechargeable battery pack you can transport the device from room to room for optimum workflow. Our mobile stand comes with an oversized basket for accessories and a quick reference card.


Technical Specifications of the Adview Modular Diagnostic Station Welcome Kit:

Patient population:  Adult and pediatric patients (age 3 and above).

Method of measurement: Oscillometric.

Initial inflation pressure: 160mmHg +/- 20mmHg.

Blood pressure range (mmHg): 60 < Systolic BP < 270, 30 < Diastolic BP < 170.

Blood pressure accuracy: Measurements determined with this device are equivalent to those obtained by a trained observer using the cuff/stethoscope auscultation method, within the limits prescribed by the American National Standard, Electronic or automated sphygmomanometers.

Blood pressure determination time: 35-40 seconds typical for Adult cuff.

Heart rate range: 30-200 bpm +/- 2% or +/- 3 bpm, whichever is greater

Temperature range: 86°F (30.0°C) – 109.4°F (43.0°C)

Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.2°F (+/-0.1°C)

Functional oxygen saturation range: 40-100%

Functional oxygen saturation accuracy: 70-100% +/- 2 digits (Note: because pulse oximeter equipment measurements are statistically distributed, only about two-thirds of pulse oximeter equipment measurements can be expected to fall within ± 2 digits of the value measured by a CO-oximeter.)

Operating conditions: 10°C (50°F) to 40°C (104°F) Less than 90% RH

Storage conditions: -20°C (-4°F) to 55°C (131°F) Less than 90% RH

Power: External power supply for non-battery version: Globtek model: GTM21089-1506-T3 (SunTech part number: 19-0013-00) External power supply for Battery version, rechargeable by Globtek model: GTM21089-1509-T3 (SunTech part number 19-0014-00)

Calibration: Check once per year for BP and Temperature

Safety systems: Independent hardware over-pressure circuit and redundant software overpressure algorithm to limit cuff pressure to less than 330 mmHg. Independent hardware timing circuit and redundant software timer algorithm to limit the duration of a blood pressure cycle to less than 180 seconds.

Dimensions: Length = 5.5 inches, Height = 11.5 inches, Width = 3.8 inches; Length =14.0 cm, Height = 29.2 cm, Width = 9.7 cm

Standards: UL60601-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 601-1 IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2 (EMC), IEC 60601-1-4, ISO 9919, AAMI SP10:2002, ASTM E 1112, EN 12470-3 Meets “Non-invasive Sphygmomanometers — General Requirements & Supplementary Requirements for Electro-Mechanical BP Measuring Systems”, EN 1060-1, EN 1060-3

Classification: Protection against electric shock: Class II (for non-battery version), Internally Powered Equipment (for battery version); Applied parts: Type BF; Mode of operation: Continuous  


The Importance of Measuring Blood Pressure in Dental Offices.

Dental care professionals realize that the key component of any thorough dental hygiene appointment is patient assessment. While there are several tools used for conducting screenings and examinations for oral health, other aspects of patient health that may be related to dental heath are often overlooked. A patient's blood pressure is one of these parameters. Appropriate monitoring of blood pressure can not only improve outcomes of dental care, but also play a role in improving the overall health of patients.

Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement: The Trouble with Traditional Automated Monitors—The Need for Something New.

According to the American Heart Association, nearly one third of adults have hypertension (defined as sustained high blood pressure of 140 /90 mmHg and above). Uncontrolled high blood pressure greatly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke - the first and third leading causes of death in developed nations. Because there are no symptoms, many people with hypertension do not know they have it. The only way to tell is to have an accurate check of your blood pressure. Accurate Blood Pressure.

Measurement: What is it? Why is it important? Why is it so difficult to obtain a reliable measurement?

Similar to the pressure created by water flowing through a garden hose, blood pressure refers to the force exerted by circulating blood on the walls of our arteries and blood vessels. Blood pressure is commonly measured by inflating a cuff on the upper arm and watching the pressure indicated by a blood pressure gauge while listening to the Korotkoff sounds at the brachial artery with a stethoscope. The cuff must first be inflated enough to stop all the blood from flowing through the artery. Then, as the pressure in the cuff is gradually released with a valve, the occlusion of the artery is reduced. The point at which blood begins to flow again is signaled by the first Korotkoff sound. This is an indication of the peak blood pressure in the arteries and is referred to as systolic blood pressure. Continued reduction of the pressure in the cuff eventually allows the blood to flow completely unobstructed again. This point is signaled by the disappearance of the Korotkoff sounds and is considered a reliable indication of diastolic blood pressure.

The accuracy and clinical validation of the ADview 9000

The accuracy of a blood pressure (BP) device or monitor is often determined by comparing its measurement relative to the measurement of an observer using a mercury sphygmomanometer and stethoscope on the same patient. The human observer with this setup in a controlled environment, with a meticulously prepared patient, and the practice of careful measurement is considered to be the gold standard of non-invasive blood pressure measurement. Measurements taken in this manner are the basis for the levels that are the current definitions of high BP or hypertension, 140/90, and normal BP, 120/80.

Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement: Why do monitors read high?

If you have ever used an automated monitor to measure blood pressure, you probably have encountered a reading you thought was too high. In these situations, clinicians usually take a measurement themselves using a sphygmomanometer and stethoscope to either confirm the reading or question whether the monitor is working properly. If the reading is confirmed, you and your patient may be surprised to realize that your patient’s BP is not what you expected. Alternatively, if the reading is different, you may wonder if your monitor is calibrated or operating correctly. Regardless of the situation, why is this happening at all?

Mfg. Item #: 9001BPSTO
SMD Item #: SMD-9001BPSTO
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