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The Flash Multi-Featured Pediatric Stroller

The Flash Multi-Featured Pediatric Stroller

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Headrest Pad

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The Flash Multi-Featured Pediatric Base

The NEW FLASH is a fully functional and multi-featured Pediatric Mobility base utilizing the proven Lightning platform!

Beauty, function, quality, portability come standard with the FLASH.

  • Standard Feature Comes with Silver Frame, Lap Belt, Light Weight Upholstery, Transport Handle, Wheel Locks, Depth Adjustable Crotch Strap, Removable Flip Up Footboard and Closure Strap.
  • SE Feature Includes Standard Feature Plus Headrest Pad, Headrest Extension, Canopy and Basket.

A Complete Selection of Accessories To Build It The Way You Need It


Accessories Available for the Flash. Standard Accessories of all the SE Models. 



SEAT WIDTH 12.5" 15.5" 16.5"
SEAT DEPTH* 10" to *12" 12" to *14" 14" to *16"
SEAT TO FLOOR 20" @ 11" Depth 21" @ 14" Depth 22" @ 16" Depth
SEAT ANGLE 30 Degrees 30 Degrees 30 Degrees
BACK UPHOLSTERY 19.25" 24" 24"
SEAT TO FOOTREST EXTENSION [ Standard Extention Range in 1" Increments ] 6" to 13" 6" to 17" 6" to 17"
BACK ANGLE SETTINGS 85, 90 & 95 Degrees 85, 90 & 95 Degrees 85, 90 & 95 Degrees
FOLDED DIMENSIONS 19.25"W x 19.25"D x 25.5"H 24"W x 19.25"D x 27.5"H 25"W x 19.25"D x 28"H
WEIGHT OF CHAIR [ Without Riggings ] 25 lbs + foot platform 28 lbs + foot platform 27 lbs + foot platform
WEIGHT CAPACITY 75 lbs 100 lbs 150 lbs
COLOR CHOICES FRAME Silver Silver Silver
COLOR CHOICES UPHOLSTERY Navy Blue / Red Glow Navy Blue / Red Glow Navy Blue / Red Glow

The sizes on the chart are for neck circumference. NOT diameter. Simply stated, you measure for the i2i like you measure for a shirt collar. (e.g. 'do they have a 15" neck size?' Put them in a large i2i.)

How is the i2i coded?

Currently, there is no device similar to the i2i described within the existing Code Set.
In addition, there is no requirement by either the SADMERC or CMS that mandates codes for Head Positioning devices. As a result of this, we are stating that during the interim the code for coverage of the i2i is the miscellaneous code K0108.

How should I fit the i2i?
The i2i is a 'positioning system', NOT a restraint. It should not be tight on the client, but rather encourage a gentle 'centering' of the patient to a more comfortable, midline posture. You should always leave approximately 1/2" of clearance between the client and the i2i. This can be gauged by sliding your hand around and between the client and the i2i.

Do I need to re-adjust the hardware every time I move the patient in and out?
Absolutely not! Once the link hardware has been carefully and methodically adjusted, moving the client in and out is a simple matter of leaning the client forward slightly and lifting up on the Flip Down Mount in one, fluid motion. Placing the i2i on the client is just the reverse, a slight forward lean and then as they lean back, the i2i comes down around their neck.

What if it doesn't work on my client?
At Stealth Products, Inc. we take customer service very seriously. If, by chance, your client is not suited to, or cannot adjust to the i2i system, we will make every effort to resolve the situation.

My patient has an amazing amount of tone. How can I keep them from destroying the i2i?
One of the benefits of the i2i that has been seen in a number of clients is the calming effect it has on high tone individuals. They become more interested in what is going on in front of them. They can literally look at someone "Eye To Eye". They are gently supported in a way that means they don't have to 'fight' to maintain position.
However, in extreme cases there are engineered solutions.
The i2i can be configured with a number of options. Increasing the thickness of the base plate metal is one option to help make the i2i tough enough for the most challenging clients.

How does Stealth's hardware hold its position once adjusted?

Stealth's hardware incorporates a unique, patented technology that is not matched by any other company in the industry. Our ball mount design allows for a vast adjustment range, while our countersunk square SU500 ring disperses pressure evenly allowing for a reliable and true lock when tightened.

How can I align the Ultra Series Headrest where the occipital pad is positioned forward of the sub-occipital pad?
Positioning the occipital pad forward of the sub-occipital pad can be accomplished by*:

  1. Loosening both the occipital and sub-occipital countersunk square SU500 rings, and the headrest hardware. This will allow pad and Stealth Ultra Channel movement.
  2. Next, lean the Stealth Ultra Channel forward until occipital pad reaches desired position.
  3. Last, position occipital and sub-occipital pads to client's needs and tighten.
* Please note, this method delivers a very limited occipital shift. However, Stealth offers a variety of custom applications for more involved scenarios.

Can Stealth insert switches into headrests?
Yes, Stealth can embed both ASL proximity switches and mechanical switches. Also, Stealth can embed switches into both the Partial Eclipse Tray and the Mini Tray for the Gatlin Midline Mount Series!

What sizes of facial lateral pads does Stealth offer?
Stealth offers four sizes of facial lateral pads (listed in ascending order):

  1. P/N 910 Spot Pad- 3"L X 2"H
  2. P/N 900 (Standard) Lateral Pad- 4 1/2"L X 2"H
  3. P/N 930 Niño Long Lateral Pad- 6 3/8"L X 1 1/2"H
  4. P/N 920 Long Lateral Pad- 6 3/8"L X 2 1/4"H
Options c and d can be curved to offer additional temporal support. Additionally, Stealth offers Egg Switches in an assortment of colors.

Will the sub-occipital pad keep its shape?
Yes! Stealth's Ultra Series sub-occipital pad has a steel base engineered with "Memory Metal" technology. This technology allows the metal to be bent, yet not lose its original strength or integrity. The end result is a dynamic pad that is pliable for individual nuances yet rigid enough to hold its shape.

Should the facial lateral rod be bent for positioning?
Stealth does not recommend bending the facial lateral rods due to their Spring Steel makeup. Stealth's engineers have crafted the facial lateral rods with a contoured oval shape that, together with the lateral, articulating, adjustable surface on the swing away assembly and anterior ball mount for the facial pad, combine to create a vast adjustment range. Additionally, Stealth offers a longer (13") facial lateral rod (SU264) for those clients that require an extended reach.

Does Stealth make an anterior support such as a head strap?
Yes, Stealth offers three products with anterior supports, however we don't use a head strap! Stealth's Lateral Swing Away-Assembly, with long lateral facial pads, is available on both the Ultra QCR Series and the Comfort Plus series. These long lateral facial pads are engineered with "Memory Metal," and can be bent to the client's specific temporal support requirements. Stealth's newest head positioning system is the "i2i." The i2i blends fundamental support principles with innovative design. This exciting new head positioning system replicates a cervical cast that alleviates overextension caused by poor head control. 

Can the Otto-Bock Hardware be used in conjunction with the Comfort Plus Series Headrests?
Yes, all of Stealth's Headrests can be used in conjunction with the Comfort Plus Series Headrest. In fact, each of Stealth¹s hardware can be used in conjunction with any headrest.

Can the Comfort Plus headrest be bent for contouring?
Yes, the Comfort Plus headrests can be bent for contouring. However, smaller headrests will be more difficult to bend and may require a vise. Also, Stealth can manufacture pads custom contoured to specific dimensions.

Can Comfort Plus headrest covers be washed or replaced?
Yes, any of Stealth's headrest covers can be machine washed on gentle in cold or warm water. Ideally, covers should be air dried, but can be machine dried on the delicate/fluff setting. Replacement headrest covers can be ordered through your local dealer.

Can we use another manufacture joystick?

Yes, you can use Pride, Quickie, and Invacare all we need is a proportional joystick without switches. We can install a joystick if you have one or send it joystick ready.

How do you turn it off and on?
You need a display to turn the system on and off and give a battery level.

Can you mount a power switch on the joystick?
Yes, we can but it may take some extra time to accomplish. Remember, we wanted a large area to drive and not worry about hitting switches over bumps and under tables.

Can I get a smaller size mushroom?
Yes, we make a smaller one for pediatrics. Can we change the feel of the ball? Yes, we can dip the cap with a rubber coating. Also, we can use different colors as a visual aid.

Is this switch water proof?

No, it is water resistant. It has a sealed membrane around the bottom of the switch to protect it against moisture.

Can I use to drive a chair as well as reset?
Yes, you can use this switch in any combination to form a switch point to drive.

Mfg. Item #: Flash
SMD Item #: STH-Flash
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